Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mothers Day gift

When I went out to harvest some milk from Bonnie-the-Jersey-cow this morning, I noticed that Jody (my part Jersey yearling heifer) was in heat.  I knew this because she was bellowing nonstop and trying to jump on every bovine creature that got in front of her.  Later on I looked outside and observed that she was in standing heat... in other words, when the other cows jumped on her, she didn't try to move out from under them.  She stood stock-still.  This means that if she could have signed up for, she would have done it.  
I came in and strained the milk.  Cliff woke up, and I told him Jody was in heat.  I mentioned my options: 1.  Call the A.I. man  2.  Take Jody to his brother's Hereford bull  3.  Take her to the bull owned by the folks from whom I purchased Bonnie.  Option #3 wasn't a very good option because of the time and miles involved.   
I called the A.I. man, who said his day was already planned because of Mothers Day commitments.  I fully understood that.  I also realize the guy really hates to travel someplace to breed just one cow; he's never said it, but I can tell.  
Next plan was to take Jody to the brother-in-law's bull.  Cliff called Phil.  
His bull is away for the summer.  
About this time, Cliff said, "What can I do to make Mothers Day special for you?" 
"I'd like my heifer bred," I answered.  
"Well," he replied, "I'll try, but I don't think it will work."  
Don't you just want to slap a smart-aleck man?  
Then he asked if I had any suggestions on how to get that job done.  I told him Jennifer had offered the use of their bull several times.  
I called her, and she said to bring Jody on over.  
We traveled twenty-five miles south to get Phil's livestock trailer, came back home and loaded Jody, and headed sixty miles north toward our destination.  I led her out of the trailer and turned her loose in the pasture where there was no sign of a bull.  She gave a long, lusty "Mooooo", and in the distance Garth-the-Jersey-bull appeared saying, "You called?"

This is Garth.  

Let me just say that romance bloomed today.  If Jody isn't pregnant, we can't blame Garth; he gave his all.  Three times.  We did sweat a little, getting Jody away from him.  If he hadn't been just a wee bit tired from all his efforts, we probably wouldn't have been able to pry them apart.  
So at some point around February 19, I will get my Mothers Day gift.  It may be a bull calf.  I can live with that, but I'd really like a heifer.  

We met these two young ladies today; they are Garth's daughters.  Is there anything more lovely than a Jersey heifer calf?   
We spent most of the day on the road, but it was worth it.


Paula said...

I would say Cliff went all out to get you what you wanted for Mother's Day but not what a lot of women would want. lol Good Luck!

patsy said...

you will be in high clover if she has a heifer! I am going to mark feb19th on my calender and if I am still around I will be checking to see if it's a girl.


Mother's Day never sounded so amorous. What a LOVE story. GARTH looked ready willing and able. Jody was well satisfied I'm sure. And when all is said and done, you get the prize. A GREAT present, indeed. Happy MOTHER's DAY.

Forty Pound Sack said...

Okay, you need a warning on any posts that involve Cliff offering his services. I about spewed my Coke Zero all over my keyboard. Y'all just crack me up. And those are about the cutest little cows I have ever seen ~

Charade said...

Great Mother's Day story - loved it.

Lori said...

GREAT story!! I'm glad Jody had a great day, too!

James said...
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