Thursday, May 17, 2012

It's a drought

I don't know how long it has to be this dry to be officially a drought, but I do know we are painfully short on moisture.  A while back I bought a twenty-five-foot long soaker hose; Monday I started using it, leaving it on one row for for three or four hours, then moving it to another.  I hardly ever water my gardens, but I'd hate to see things dry up and die.  
I ran into a problem with the tomatoes, though.  I have cages around them, and in order to get the hose where I really want it, I have to run it through the bottom of each cage up against the plant.  This was going to be quite a chore every time I wanted to water.  Cliff suggested we simply buy another soaker hose and leave it on the tomatoes, hooking it up to the hose when I want to water them.  Great idea.  
I was going to give up on planting corn, but decided to try it one more time, only with fresh seed.  The seeds I planted so far were a year or two old.  On our big shopping expedition yesterday, it never occurred to me to buy seed corn.  Besides, we needed a motorcycle ride. 
We went first to Lexington, gassed up, and bought ten pounds of cheap potatoes; maybe we won't have to buy any more for awhile if the potatoes in the garden hurry up and grow.  Then we went east on 24 Highway to Hilltop Farms for seed corn.  
Finally we went to the little Walmart in Higginsville for a soaker hose.  Unfortunately they only had fifty-foot hoses, but we took one anyhow.  I threaded it through the tomato cages, around the eggplants, and back up the next row where the peppers are.   

Tomatoes are my favorite garden crop.  I can handle it if everything else dies from bugs or blight, but I NEED garden-fresh tomatoes!  By the way, I have one tomato about the size of a cherry.  I can almost taste it now.
Last year I ordered a dozen sweet potato plants online from George's Plant Farm.  They cost $12, and shipping was free.  I was delighted with them and ordered again this year.  They arrived Monday, but the packing around the roots that was supposed to keep them moist was dry as a dessert; all the leaves on the "slips" were brown and crinkly.  I was very disappointed, and checked the box to see when they had been shipped:  May 8, six days before they arrived!  
I emailed the sellers, telling them I realized it wasn't their fault because of the length of time they were in transit.  I soon got a return email saying they would send me more plants, so I'm happy about that.  


Adirondackcountrygal said...

We just put our garden in, a little too early and it has been raining nearly every day. Now we have a frost advisory tonight. Trying to decide if I should chance it or go out and cover with sheets. Usually when I cover we don't get a frost. Your garden looks great by the way.

Hollie said...

Praying you get rain soon. Great idea with the soaker hose though in the meantime! Glad you will be getting more potato slips!!

Charade said...

We don't have a water spigot anywhere near the vicinity of our "garden" yet, so we're hauling water. As soon as we get that spigot added, I'm using your idea of using multiple soaker hoses.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Last year it was so wet the farmers here could hardly plant anything when it was supposed to go in as the fields were so wet. This year we are dryer but it seems we get a good rain at least once or twice a week. It is very unusual when we get 3 days in a row with sunshine. So I guess we are doing ok. Hope you get the rain soon. Watering is not as good as a good soaking rain for sure. A home grown tomato just can't be beat!

Margaret said...

We have a ton of water here from our huge snow pack and rainy spring. :) It's been lovely lately though. I couldn't handle no garden tomatoes either. They spoil you for anything bought at a store. I also love fresh corn, which my MIL used to grow. I didn't think it would be that different, but it WAS.


It pays to complain. Glad new plants are headed your way. I think the soaker hose is a GREAT idea. Hope it works, since rain is not in your forecast.

moravings said...

And unfortunately, it's going to get cooler by Sunday but the only chance of rain is forecast right now at 40%, tops, meaning I'd bet there's no rain in those clouds for us.