Saturday, May 19, 2012

The tractor cruise

 Cliff was at the shop an hour before departure time, dusting off the tractor.  Never mind that we're in a dust bowl and were going to be traveling over dusty roads for almost two hours.

 Then he and his sister sat there and admired the dustless tractor until time to leave.

 Yes, I did ride like this for forty minutes, until we arrived at Lexington.

 Here we are passing below our daughter's house in our little town.

 Once we met the group in Lexington, I boarded the trolley... formerly a livestock trailer, but now transformed into a people trailer.

 Leaving Lexington.

 Looking back at our group.

 Arriving at Orscheln's in Higginsville.

Yes, we had porta-potties!

This guy was my boss years ago when I worked at the apple orchard.  He is in our tractor club.

 My grand-dog Titan came to see us at the tractor show.

 He brought Heather and Arick, our oldest grandchild, with him.

 No, I am not pregnant.  Why do you ask?

 Here you see most of the club members who were at the show.

Cliff's brother, Phil, was there for awhile with a couple of his many grandchildren.  

Oh, by the way.  Cliff won "Best in Show" with his tractor.

Here's an 18-second sample of what the ride was like from my point of view.


Anonymous said...

Great shots, thanks. Very comprehensive coverage.

Now I know what a tractor cruise is.

Funny thing--you mention your "Grand dog."

Our Mom had a bumper sticker that said--in her own, slightly irreverent way: "Ask me about my Grand Dog."

She loved that. It tickled her. We enjoyed it, too.

(Making fun of "Ask me about my "fill in the blank'"

Paula said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun. Never been to a tractor cruise but I've been to a tractor pull. It was fun. We had our own private tractor cruise one time. Moving a tractor from Lytle, Texas to Charlotte, Texas

Forty Pound Sack said...

Yay, Cliff!! Looks like a fun afternoon ~

zztop357 said...

Donna, I never thought you were pregnant.If you were Cliff would be walking even taller than he is!!! LOL

Charade said...

What fun. I was going to ask you about the ribbon on Cliff's shirt, but now we know. Congratulations to him. And now if you could just train him to come on in the house with that dust rag...

Melissa Wiggins said...

Best in Show is a hefty prize! Congrats to you both - he couldn't have done it without you, of course. I loved the little video -- but it seemed like you were cruising at high speed! MGW

Lori said...

Yay!!!!! Congratulations to Cliff. That is so great!!


All the photos are great. I am so glad I did NOT miss this TRACTOR CRUISE. I'm busy playing catch up. You all looked ready to roll. And I must admit the trolley had it's charm, what with it's history and all. I just KNEW you all had the win. Congratulations Cliff on your victory. "Best in Show."