Saturday, March 12, 2011


I still haven't ordered a new camera.  I've been using the photo-editing tools that come with Iphoto to edit out the big blotch that appears in the sky, on all my outdoor pictures.  I will be getting a camera before long, it's just that we have some doctor and dentist bills that will be paid first.  
We're very close to the Missouri River; you can see it from the highest point on our place, back at "the point".  However, I haven't been successful in getting it to show up in a picture.  The other day while taking our walk, I gave it another try from different angles than I normally use.  

Click on this to make it larger (by the way, I see my blotch; I didn't edit it well enough).  In the middle of the picture near where the land meets the sky, you can see the Missouri River.  I think.  

I can see the river in this shot, because I know where to look:  behind a distant line of trees.  Most of the water you can see here is not the river, but simply water standing in the river bottom.  

I spent a lot of time down there when I rode my horse, Blue.  I miss him, but I can honestly say I don't miss riding... except that I miss going to places I will never visit again, because you can't get there with a car.  

Places like the ghost farm.  

It was fun riding over fields that are so often flooded, planted with soybeans and corn.  Sometimes I'd see the actual harvest going on.  

I loved riding right down to the river's edge.  

I think Blue enjoyed it, too.  

I'm so glad I took literally hundreds of pictures during my time with Blue.  I've very thankful that while I was still able to ride, I had what was, for me, the perfect horse.    

Rest in peace, my friend.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I enjoyed all those rides you took with Blue too. I can remember being at work and looking at the pictures of your morning ride and thanking you for taking me along. Stuck behind a desk I really appreciated it.

Sonya said...

Remembering Blue and all those pictures with Blue's ears in the corner.

Vicki said...

I enjoyed the rides with Blue, my favorite was one that you set to music. Vicki

Margaret said...

I love the photos; I always wanted a horse, but never had one. OF course, it would be helpful if I knew how to ride!