Saturday, March 12, 2011

Growing things

These are tomato seedlings; they germinated overnight.  I purchased this seed tray at Home Depot, and I like it.  When it's time to put them in the garden, I can plant the whole pot.    

The pepper seeds I planted the same day aren't showing signs of life yet, but I'm sure in the next day or two they'll rise to the occasion.   This is the Walmart seed-starting greenhouse.  This will be the third year I've used one of these, so obviously I like it.  When it's time to transplant, the little peat bundle lifts right out.  This is the cheapest greenhouse I've used, by far.  You can also buy replacement peat pellets and use the same tray next year.  Win/win.  

The lettuce seeds I planted in the garden over three weeks ago were waiting for a day of sunshine with temperatures in the 60's.  While Cliff and I were enjoying a motorcycle ride to Chillicothe, tiny lettuce seedlings peeked through the topsoil.  

Yesterday I started "hardening off" the cabbage plants that have been residing in the house.  I'll leave them out a little longer each day and hopefully set them out by next weekend.  This seed-starter tray is from Home Depot, and I don't really care for it.  The soil that came with it is loose inside each little plastic pot, and I'm not sure how I'll go about removing them when it's time to plant them.  I may use a spoon or something.  Even when wet, the soil is very loose.   

Oh, and check out this link from The Old Farmer's Almanac that tells how to have an herb garden in a bag.  Click HERE.   Looks pretty much foolproof, and would be great for a city gardener with little space.


kcmeesha said...

I think I am going to plant some corn where I had sunflowers last year.

Donna said...

Just be sure to plant 3 to 6 kernels, then you can thin it to two or three. That will ensure pollination.

kcmeesha said...

I don't expect any harvest,there is hardly any dirt in this planter.

Michaele said...

Coming along nicely! I only have one tray done. Six trays waiting to be seeded this weekend. I should get off the computer.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love seeing all your plants growing. I have a herb garden in a huge pot that stays at the camper and am hoping that it survived the winter and comes back again. Last year it wintered over there and came up again so we'll hope it makes it. In just about a month now I'll be able to camp again. The season begins on the 15th. Glad you were able to get out and ride the motorcycle. We still have lots of snow here but it is getting warmer.

Midlife Mom said...

Your seedlings give us the promise of spring! I have one lone pumpkin plant coming up from a seed that the kids dried last fall. Will it produce a pumpkin with just one seed and being inside? It's growing like mad!

Loved you last post on Blue and your adventures. RIP dear Blue, you were one of the best!