Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I was seeing bluebirds throughout this past winter until the heavy snows and super-cold temperatures began in late December; that must have driven them away, because I haven't seen them since.  Sparrows have been attempting to claim the bluebird house, but I tear the nests out as soon as they are begun; for three days now, there have been no pesky sparrows in evidence.  Perhaps they've decided to leave the house empty for bluebirds.  Last year it took us until July to get the sparrows out and bluebirds nesting there.  
I need to dormant-spray my fruit trees, but every day is either too windy, or rainy.  Try as I might, so far I've never ended up with worm-free peaches; it's so very hard to stick with the schedule for spraying, thanks to the weather.  I've had two different people tell me they only spray when the trees are blooming:  Dear Lord, no wonder honeybees are dying!  Anywhere you find directions for spraying your fruit trees, it will tell you NOT to spray during blossom time (except for the fungicides, which are fine).   That's when the bees are doing their work.  If that's what I have to do to have blemish-free fruit, forget it.  
I am far from an organic gardener.  While I admire those who are able to raise wonderful gardens without using pesticides, fungicides, and other forms of poison, I've found if I want tomatoes and cucumbers and squash, I'm going to have to drag out the old skull-and-crossbones.  I look at it this way:  If I were buying these things at the store, they'd have the same poisons (or worse), not to mention a nice dose of salmonella on the side.     
Back to rainy weather, we've had a long run of that around here.  Three years ago we thought we'd never get this trailer house hauled in because it wouldn't stop raining, and it's been wet ever since except for a month-long drought last fall.  
I'd rather have too much rain than too little, although it's hard to get a decent motorcycle ride in with all the rain.  
We're still pondering what to do about our lack of freezer space.  I can't believe we gave a big deep freeze away because it was never more than 1/4 full; then I immediately began gardening again and we started butchering a steer every summer.  We're debating whether to watch Craigslist for another small, used freezer, or just go ahead and deal with the lack of space as we've been doing.  If I had more space I might freeze some tomatoes, and I wouldn't have to can so many.  Everyone who's done it says tomatoes freeze well.  
I contacted Direct TV and got rid of the expensive movie channels; there just aren't that many good movies made these days, and we seldom watched any of them.  I do keep an eye on Turner Classics, which doesn't cost extra, because some of those oldies are great.  I recorded "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" and watched it last night.  My, how times have changed!  
Spencer Tracy was dying when this movie was being made, and received a best-actor award posthumously.    

Have I mentioned I'm one of the suckers who acquired an Ipad just three weeks before they came out with the Ipad II?  Yeah, somebody just shoot me.  The Ipad I bought is now selling for $100 less.  
By the way, yesterday Sophos, which I follow on Facebook, informed me of yet another free antivirus for Macs, so we have a choice.  You'll find it HERE.    This also led me to a site that mentions the thirty best free Mac programs to download; this might be useful to some Mac aficionados users.
Aficionado is a word I could never spell on my own.  I used spell-check in order to get it right, then decided it wasn't the word I wanted anyhow; it's OK, sometimes I enjoy using the strike-through option. 
 I think perhaps I'm a worse speller than I used to be, simply because I depend on spell-check all the time.  

Alrighty then; was this random enough for you?


Anonymous said...

I am Missorui beekeeper and I give a heart felt thanks! Karen

kcmeesha said...

I've heard that the recent buyers if iPad get a 100 dollar refund.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

That is the way it is any more with all things , something new is coming out constantly it seems. I'm content with what I have and enjoy it too. It would be impossible to keep up with it all. Rain is something we are having a lot of too. Lots of people have had flooding and are fearful of having it again around here. Hope your little blue birds return and take over their nests soon. Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Margaret said...

I loved that movie!! Maybe I should have gotten an iPad,although even with the discount, it would be more expensive than what I got and would still have no webcam or USB. I wish you lived closer--we have a couple of my late MIL's freezers that we are trying to give away!!

Midlife Mom said...

I remember when that movie came out and loved it. Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy were two of my favorite actors. I had forgotten that he got the award after he passed away. You are so right about there not being very many good movies to watch. Sometimes I scroll down through the movies that are offered and most of them are so violent or filled with inappropriate content that I just go back to the Hallmark Channel or Turner Classics. What's with all this vampire stuff? Some of the ads are so horrible I can't imagine watching the movie.

Loved the YouTube of the young man getting all the points in the basketball game. Made me smile and feel so happy for him to have had that experience that he will never forget. And moving the barn, that was amazing!

I got a kick out of your post about not being negative. I catch myself so many times being negative when it just isn't necessary. I've had plenty to say about Charlie but in actuality it is very sad. You just wonder what is going to happen.

Lindie said...

Don't feel bad about the $100. I just found out yesterday that I have been wasting $200 a month on health insurance I didn't need for the past 6 months! I just take a deep breath and learn...

Happy Being Me said...

I wish I had as much energy as you do to, can, freeze and butcher and do all this while typing a enrty on what is now called the older version of the IPad. You crack me up with your sense of humor! I do know one thing and that is, that when anything is in bloom leave it alone. Take care of you and yours and enjoy your Today!

Anonymous said...

My more techno friends are always complaining about buying things too soon(because of $$), but they yell at me for buying too late.
It all works out for each of us.

Hollie said...

I saw Bluebirds a few weeks back but haven't lately. We are having a rainy mess also, but I'd rather deal with it than being dry! Goodness, Has it been three years! I'm wondering how many years I've been following you then because yall were still in the farmhouse when I started following. I guess around 4 years then. Hmmmm, wow time flies!

Paula said...

Yes it is better to deal with the rain then to be too dry. It is barely spring and we're already begging for rain. Hope you get your pretty bluebirds back soon. I just made my hummingbird nectar tonight.