Thursday, March 31, 2011


Iris does so many things that baffle me, I could go on all day about her.  Here's just a small thing:  When Cliff goes in to take a shower before he goes to work (or any time, actually) he shuts the door to the bathroom.  Evidently this worries Iris; perhaps she thinks he'll drown in there, or maybe she doesn't like him using the tub where she hides out when there's a storm.  Anyway, here's what she does.

And there she stays until she hears the doorknob turn.  Once Cliff is out of the bathroom, Iris goes back out to one of her beds in the living room or computer room and worries no more.


Anonymous said...

"Man's best friend"!!! kinda nice and comfy...wouldn't you say?? Maybe she has figured that when Cliff showers he leaves!!! hmm?? and she is stuck with you LOLOLOL...sorry I just had to say that....happy day from Ora in KY

madcobug said...

Looks like she is laying guarding for him, making sure no harm comes to him until he is in sight again. Helen

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

What a precious dog she is. Waiting for her master to come out. Does make you wonder what our pets think about. It's been an inside kind of day here with snow on the ground again. I'm watching it melt though, and the sky is getting brighter. Happy Thursday!


Iris is so sweet. Makes you wonder what she's thinking inside that cute little head of hers. Great photo.

natalie said...

Dear Donna, I love this comment! hugsss!
I had family issues come up and I did not know you had commented on my blog so..
thank you very much!
Please comment again and aften! I love your comments and your blog!
Yours Truly

Humble wife said...

We have a few cats, and during the day they reside on a bed here there or anywhere, but if the kids leave, the cats are at my side. I wonder are they trying to tell me "hey the kids are gone, why aren't you in a panic?"

Once everyone is home, no stress, no panic. They aren't even lap cats!!

What I like about the cats and your dog, is that they have a set pattern for us their people and they animal worry if things are "off"


Pat said...

I often wonder what my dog "Cookie" is thinking. I love the way she stares at me and turns her head from side to side, like she understands everything I say. Alot of the time she does!! My dog follows me everywhere I go too. When I go to the ladies room, there she is waiting at the door for me to come out. Hey, Cookie has a bed in our living room, and one in my office. You gotta love them!!

Hollie said...

Aww, how sweet of Iris! I enjoying hearing about her!

darev2005 said...

Our little dog DJ does that when the wife gets into the bath. She guards the door until Mom comes out again, then goes on her way. And since I don't have a door on my bathroom, every now and then she'll poke her head in past the sower curtain just to see what I'm doing in there. Dogs are mysterious.

Amy said...

2 of mine have to be in the bathroom with me or life as they know it comes to an end. One goes and lays in the closet and the other lays in the bathtub while I shower.