Thursday, March 10, 2011

The story behind the new header picture

I mentioned before that we found some lovely brome-and-alfalfa hay not far from home, hay of such perfection that we figured it was just what Bonnie-the-Jersey-cow needed.  We already had lots of hay, and it's fine for the horses; but Bonnie has spent the winter with a leech named Clyde sucking the lifeblood out of her, at every opportunity.  We wanted something special to ration out to her until the spring grass is ready to graze.  
We also bought some range cubes so she and Clyde would have some extra protein.  
Now, Bonnie has an appetite like you wouldn't believe:  she lives to eat.  Lately she is getting range cubes in the morning and brome-alfalfa hay in the afternoon, and she expects it all the time.  
Cliff and I were going for our walk a couple of days ago and came upon Bonnie and Clyde grazing at brown grass in the pasture; once Bonnie saw us, there was no peace.  She starting mooing at us and began to follow us toward home, and that's when I took the picture.  She just assumes it's time for feed; why else would Cliff and I be out walking around?  
So that's the story.  
Regarding my previous entry, it was suggested I email Apple to tell them my plight; I did better than that.  I called them.  That's how I found out I bought my Ipad six days too soon to get a refund.  The entry was a last-ditch effort that I do not expect to bring results, but I feel better for doing it.  

Our Mercury has been acting up lately.  For the last year or more, it has spells of refusing to engage the cruise control.  This doesn't affect me, since I don't drive.  When it's being stubborn, Cliff fiddles with it; when I say, "Why don't we just get it fixed?" he answers, "Oh, it works when it wants to."  
And he fiddles and clicks and mumbles, and sometimes it starts working; other times it doesn't.  
Now we have another problem.  Yesterday we were heading to the doctor for Cliff's regular appointment; I knew the car was taking its time heating up for some reason, but thought nothing much about it until Cliff said, "The heater isn't working."  
OK, now this affects me.  
"Why don't we take it somewhere and have somebody work on it?"  
"Oh, it works when it wants to."  
Well isn't that special; meanwhile, I'm freezing.  I wondered out loud whether this might affect the air conditioning this summer, since the fan not running seems to be the problem.  
"I'm not going to borrow trouble," says Cliff.  



I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Yep you all need to have the car looked at. When it gets hot in the summer being with out air in a car is mighty uncomfortable. Of course you all use your motorcycle a lot then. Hopefully what ever is wrong decides to work again and you have a warm ride for what remains of cold weather. Sure hope Apple changes their mind and makes you a happy customer!

Anonymous said... when I want to?

Anonymous said...

I'm not going to borrow trouble is filled with wisdom. It may be my favorite thought.
Thanks for the story on the header.