Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Confirmed Apple user

I cautiously entered into the world of Mac over a year ago, purchasing the most affordable model that was offered:  the Mac Mini.  It was either that, or settle for the cheapest laptop Apple sells, which costs $999.  I didn't feel a 13-inch screen would be big enough to suit me, not for full-time use.  So I chose the Mini.  The reason this option was affordable for me was that I could still use my old monitor, keyboard, and mouse.  
For several months I told myself, "Well, it's just a computer; some things work differently, but when you get down to it, it does the same things a PC does."
I figured when a new computer is required, I'd go back to Windows and save a few bucks.  One reason I felt a little more comfortable with a PC is that it's easy to find someone to work on them if something goes wrong.  If my Apple computer crashes, it's a fifty-mile trip to Kansas City.  
Of course, that's a moot point so far, since I haven't had a single glitch:  no freezes, no popup warnings to scare me to death.  Nothing.  Meanwhile, the Dell we bought my husband around the same time I got my Mac is always popping up something needing to be downloaded, then refusing to download it.      
Like all computers, the Mac Mini came with a free antivirus that expired after ninety days.  I corresponded with several Mac owners I've met on the Internet, asking whether they ran an antivirus.  Most said no, so after searching the Internet for some sort of free product, I decided to run without one.  
AVG finally came up with a link-scanner for Apple products, which offers some protection but doesn't do the full work of an antivirus.  After more than ten years of using PC's, I had some qualms about surfing without an antivirus; but everything seemed to keep on ticking just fine.  
Yesterday evening I was leafing through the latest edition of Reader's Digest (thanks to a reader who subscribed for me... I love my readers) and came upon some very welcome news on page 52:  There's a free antivirus for Macs now!  
This morning I downloaded the program and ran a scan.  After more than a year of heavy use, this Mac hasn't picked up a single worm, highjacking program, key-logger, nor any type of malware.   
Try that with your unprotected PC.   
So, although I'm about as far removed from geekdom as anyone could be, it looks like I'm a confirmed Apple user.  Maybe the Mac Mini wasn't so expensive after all.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Like you I got a Mac this past year. I went with the cheapest lap top and I absolutely love it. I hadn't heard about the free virus programs but have never used one on mine and that is the great thing about macs. They just don't allow them. I had a mac for years, I learned all about computers on them through my job then they switched over to pc's and when I needed a new computer I switched too. I had nothing but problems with the pc's and now with my mac I've not had one problem. I do love my mac!

Julian said...

I kinda figured you surrendered to Apple after you told me you got an iPad. I've always used my puter without having 24/7 protection of an anti-virus software. If I think I have something, or it's been too long, I use MalwareBytes to scan my puter. I've picked up things along the way, but not as much as most people. I surf smart... but I still wanna try a Mac. Windows Vista and my failing graphics card is largely to blame.

darev2005 said...

Yack. I have been a PC user for... mostly forever. As long as they have been out. I've tried Macs and they were okay, but not enough of the programs I use come in Mac format. We use Avira, which is free and goes a pretty good job catching things. There have been a few bugs, but between the wife and I we are able to catch and eradicate them. You have to be careful where you surf, is all.

Hyperblogal said...

I knew you were Mac from the first day I read your blog. Macs sell themselves mostly. And Darev2005.. using Parallels you can run Windows on your Mac. Surf on the Mac side and run Windows only when you absolutely have to.

Donna said...

Hyperblogal, it's all your fault. But I swear, every time I try to help Cliff with his laptop PC, I end up wanting to pull my hair out! Crazy Windows, anyhow.
Oh, and I had the misfortune to buy an Ipad 3 weeks before they upgraded. I suppose I should have consulted you first; you probably could have warned me.

Cliff said...

I've heard of them but didn't know anyone who had one.

Rita Mosquita said...

The reason there is so little malicious stuff on Apple is because the people who create that stuff mostly use PCs. Apple/Mac have long been used by educators, people who greatly benefit from technology, and are not likely to create malware, etc.

I always wonder, why do people create this bad stuff? What purpose does it serve? Call me naive.

Margaret said...

I like Macs too, just not their price. They are solid machines. :)

Happy Being Me said...

I'm thinkin a Mac Mini is in my future. Thanks for all the info. Have a wonderful day and enjoy your mini mac!