Friday, March 04, 2011

A day of peace

Someone on Facebook came up with this "event" scheduled for today.  The event is called "A Day Of Peace".  Here's the idea, which I've copied and pasted in its entirety:  

Please read the whole thing!
I have an idea... for a day of peace. Wouldn't it be amazing?
Just one day in the year where we all held our tongues.
A day where we ignored others' shortcomings and made a valiant effort to be kind and understanding.
A day where we all got along. It's sad that we are all at a point where we should do this, but it's even sadder to know that we easily could every day, but refuse to do so.

My proposition is simple:
One day, March 4th, we all stick to three simple rules that will make the world a little bit more bearable. Feel free to partake in this before and long after then; the only reason I have the event set that far into the future is because I want word to spread and allow this to have as big of an impact as possible.
This event is to take place everywhere we go in the world, preferably all the time.
Rule #1.
Say not a single unkind thing about anyone or anything. If at all possible, try not to even think a nasty thought. If we do, reflect on why it was that we thought to say it in the first place.
Rule #2.
Show everyone we cross paths with some genuine human compassion. Be it with a smile or kind words, just spread some love.
Rule #3.
Make not one person the exception to the rule. Not everyone deserves to have roses thrown at their feet and have a holiday in their honor, but nobody deserves to feel alone. Reach out. Talk to someone new. Care about them, and we will be cared for in return.  

I realize these are things we should all be doing every day, but I, for one, don't.  It's so easy to look at the people nearby and call them "crazy" or "lazy, to slip so deep in the rut of holier-than-thou that you become comfortable in it.  So for today, I'm going to try very hard to do all the above things.  I've fallen into the habit of being critical and judgmental, of fault-finding and nitpicking.  Yes, I have.  
Perhaps, just for today, I can behave myself.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think it is a wonderful idea. It is a good thing to do every day but we often do those things and don't even realize we do it. As my folks got older, I saw them doing that more and more often and I'm sure they didn't know they were even doing it. I'm hoping I'm not the same, but I'll be paying close attention to what I do and say today.

Lindie said...

Maybe if we do it one day, then try it again the next we can build a habit. In today's world, I would appreciate this habit!