Sunday, March 20, 2011

spring rain

Friday Cliff took a vacation day from work and we went to Colonial Nursery.  I was out of dormant spray for my fruit trees, I wanted to buy some Yukon Gold seed potatoes to plant on Good Friday, and I was in the market for some pansies.  

Pansies are one of the few perennials that can be planted this early, and I need to see some flowers blooming.  Only one of mine is starting to bloom, but it won't take long.  I love the little old-man faces on pansies.  I got them planted up next to the house on the north side, so they won't get too much sun and heat.  
I also planted carrots and beets in the garden, and some iceberg lettuce.  I don't usually have much luck with head lettuce, but it can't hurt to try.  We eat lots of salads, and lettuce is so very expensive!  I know iceberg lettuce isn't the most nutritious, but I love the crunch of it.  Many years ago I managed to get a bumper crop; as I recall, part of the secret is to thin the plants so they aren't crowded.  Oh, and pray for the weather to stay cool until it's mature.  
Exciting things are happening in our bedroom these days (now, get your mind out of the gutter).  Is it a sign of old age when you find gardening to be the most exciting thing in your life?
Our bedroom, since it has south-facing windows, is doubling as a greenhouse.  

The tomato seedlings are starting to grow the first of their true leaves.  

See, there in the middle of each seedling?  It's like watching your baby take his first step!  

These are the tomatoes on the other side of our bed.  I have four varieties; as you can imagine, I have far more tomato plants than I'm going to need.  But hey, it's a long time until they can go out to the garden; I'm sure I'll kill at least half; most likely some will die of thirst, and some might be lost to the elements when I take them outside to harden them off.     

Finally, most of my pepper plants have germinated.  It took them easily twice as long as it did the tomatoes.  I have too many of these, too; but since they don't take up as much room as tomato plants, I'll probably plant them all and give the extras away to friends.    
I somehow bought too many envelopes of sweet pepper seeds.  If you are a gardener and would like my extra packets, I'd be glad to send them to you.  You can plant them directly in the garden after all danger of frost is past, or you can start them inside as I have done.  If two people are interested, I'll divide them between the two.  If more than that want them, we'll draw names.  The varieties are:  Yellow Monster, Horizon pepper, Chianti pepper, and California Wonder.  If none of my readers need pepper seeds, I'll pawn them off on a neighbor or save them until next year.  

I still have two of Pioneer Woman's cookbooks to give away, but we'll do that at another time.  
Oh by the way:  Happy first day of spring!


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Happy Spring to you! It's wonderful to see your plants growing! I think gardens are always wonderful no matter what age you are. I don't do vegetable gardens but we have lots of flowers all around the house here, most of which will come up again year after year. I find myself weeding and thinning out things that spread out to far. Another few nice days and I may be able to finally get out and do some work outside. I'm so glad Spring finally made it!

Michaele said...

Your plants look great! Mine are coming along but I haven't planted anything outdoors yet. Happy Spring to you!!

Midlife Mom said...

Your seedlings are coming along great! You do a good job with them and I am sure will be rewarded with a great garden. I can only look outside with hope that spring will be here in a couple of weeks and I can start cleaning out my garden patch. I did a real good cleaning in the fall but there are always things that need picking out and of course got to add some cow manure and mix that in. Should have done that in the fall but didn't. They are telling us we may get 3 to 5 inches of snow tomorrow. Sigh.....

Margaret said...

Very spring like around your place!! I love pansies but they go everywhere, so my husband said not to buy any more of them. Now I stick to petunias, geraniums and whatever else looks pretty. However, I can't plant them until May, just to be safe.

Lori said...

I need to plant some pansies too. I've been working outside in my front yard, rearranging things and straightening things up. Can't wait until more things are blooming.

Paula said...

Hope your first day of spring was nice too. Last week I paid $2.00 for a head of lettuce but had a free salad kit from Curves. Love salads.