Thursday, March 31, 2011

We have our winners

I didn't make a video of Cliff drawing the two winning names this time because I had him draw while he was still in bed, half-asleep.  You'll just have to trust me that it was a fair and square drawing.  
When I'm doing something like this, I can't help but root for people I know in real life, or people who have been blogging buddies for years.  Root as I might, neither of these winners are people I can say I "know" in any way, except that one has been a reader for a long time.  That would be Vikki.  Not Vicki, but Vikki.   She entered just yesterday evening by email, so I have her contact address and hopefully she will soon learn she's a winner.   
My other winner is someone I've never seen or heard of commenting here, Lisa from California.  I notice she has a blog with some very fattening and yummy recipes; she and Ree should get along just fine!  

Lisa, I emailed you, thanks to the fact that you have a profile that includes your email address.  

Vikki (also from California), you deserve this prize, bless your heart.  You've been reading and commenting on this blog for a long time.  

I'll try to get your books in the mail in the next couple of days.  And remember, I wouldn't have been having this giveaway if Ree hadn't sent me the books.    


Ms Martyr said...

I didn't enter since I already have the cookbook. On an entirely unrelated topic, I joined QuiBids yesterday. Is there any way I can give you belated credit for letting me know about it? It would be worth 25 bids to you (I think) I haven't bought anything yet because I need some time to read the tips section.

Donna said...

MsM, I don't know; it would be great if I could get credit. Honestly, I don't even know that much about the site. A couple things I THINK I learned while playing around there: Choose one thing and stick with it. It doesn't work trying to follow more than one auction at once. And I think there's less competition if you do your bidding super early in the morning on weekdays, but I don't really have enough experience to say that with certainty.

Anonymous said...

I didn't join the "drawing"..I have seen this cookbook in the book section at Walmart...about 20.00 dollars I think...I glanced thru it and decided that if I am paying someone to help me lose weight I didn't need that book in my house....good sense I think...some of those recipes are so yummy sounding...I was slobbering all over the book...LOL...