Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For lack of anything better

Cliff has been needing new glasses for quite awhile now.  The last two times he's gotten glasses, we went to Gerry optical because his employers give him some sort of discount there.  Discount or not, the glasses were sky-high, I believe upwards of $400.  Because we were there anyhow, a couple of years ago I got some glasses there, too.  
It was an expensive venture, to say the least. 
 My daughter has been singing the praises of America's Best for years, and I decided it was time to pay attention to her.  Cliff didn't seem to have any objection.  
In his case, you can forget about the two-pairs-for-$69 deal; he has no-line bifocals, and he likes the kind of glasses that turn dark when you step outside into bright daylight; he also got about every other possible option offered.  He could have gotten one pair of glasses for $200, which is far cheaper than his last glasses.  For $40 more bucks, he decided to take the second pair (the eye exam was free).  He got two different styles of frames, which he thought was great.  If he doesn't like his glasses for any reason, they can be returned, with a receipt, within thirty days.  If his glasses are broken or scratched within the first year, they'll replace them, for a small fee.  
My next glasses should cost me $99 for two pairs unless I want no-line bifocals; I'm not sure how much that adds to the price.    
I've carried $300 around in my (Dave Ramsey) clothing envelope for quite awhile, and had even stopped adding money to that particular cause because we hadn't used any money from it for months.  Obviously, we don't buy a lot of clothes.  I decided to count Cliff's glasses as clothing (he does wear them, after all) and paid cash from the clothing envelope.  

On the down side, America's Best is located right next to Olive Garden, so you can guess what happened to some of the money we saved on glasses:   Soup, salad, and breadsticks.  Funds for that came out of Cliff's billfold, so it really doesn't count.  
Take note, ladies:  this is feminine logic at its finest.      


Hollie said...

I have heard lots of folks sing praises about, "America's Best!" I might have to try them next time also. Glad you were treated to Olive Garden! I've never been there, but might have to go in the near future!

katie said...

Thanks for the heads up sounds like a good deal. Now to see how far I have to travel to find one.
There must be one in Indep.

Margaret said...

I wear the same kind of glasses as Cliff and they ARE spendy. However, I'm too lazy for sunglasses, not that we need them much around here. (grumpy) I'm glad you got treats at Olive Garden. I love those bread sticks!!


Getting new glasses is always an adventure. So many choices. But you're right it's costly. Glad you found a good place to get them. I wear no-line bifocals and love them. Sounds like Olive Garden was a perfect compliment to the rest of your day.

Sonya said...

Wow I haven't seen them around here. But that would be cool. I'll be needing some more glasses in a year or so. These will by 4 years old by next year, if not more.

Lindie said...

Maybe I will try them. The last time I bought 2 pair of glasses it was about $500 including the checkup and that was 5 years ago I think. I have always gone to an opthamologist though. I guess it wouldn't hurt to go to an optometrist once. Do they check for cataracts and glaucoma?

Lori said...

Eler Beth and I treated my Mom and two of my sisters to soup, salad, and breadsticks at Olive Garden yesterday!