Wednesday, August 12, 2020

I think Jesus lives in Buckner, Missouri!

Each of the little towns around us has a Facebook page, and I follow most of the ones nearby to keep up with what's happening around us.  There's one small town we've never given a lot of thought to, except maybe to remember to drive at a snail's pace once you get to their city limit... unless you like being stopped by the police.  But a few days ago, I was amazed at the kindness I saw on that Buckner page.  

This was so important to me I felt I needed to share it, but I also wanted to protect everyone's privacy.  I've spent over an hour getting this done because you can't copy and paste from a group Facebook page you're a member of.  I had to type everything word for word, make up names for everybody, etc.  But we see so much "bad" around us, seeing something so positive just floored me.  The thing is, I tend to overthink situations when people ask for help; in other words, I find fault or sit in judgement on the person.  That isn't what I see in the following posts from Buckner people, and honestly, I envy them:

Hungry Lady:  Does anyone have some frozen meats and sides they can give away?

lady 1: Sending you a message. You may have to check your others (messages)

Gentleman 1: Do you live in Buckner?

The hungry lady: Yes

Gentleman 1: What type of food are you in need of?  I noticed in your profile that you have a young one... my wife or I would be able to meet you at Buckner Thriftway and get you some groceries in the morning. Do you have a way to meet at the store?

Hungry lady: Yes I can come to store... I just need frozen meats and sides (for dinner) and lunch meat and stuff.

Gentleman 1: I will reach out to you here in the morning here on Facebook and we can set up a time to meet there in the morning.

Hungry lady: OK, thank you much.

Gentleman 1: No problem. I like to help when I can.

Praying lady: Gentleman 1, may God bless you and your family. I pray the Lord would show you great favor in the days to come. I also ask that the Lord would bless this lady who had such great faith to ask for help, I ask God to show her a way to provide. I ask that you place opportunity right before her. I ask that she would walk in faith. Thank you father that you are faithful.

Donna Wood: Buckner Harvester’s is tomorrow at 4 PM. You never know what you’ll get, but there’s always some good food.

Gentleman 1, tagging two friends in this post: I am going to reach out to this young lady around 9:15. Would you be willing in helping out that way? That way we could get her around $75 worth of groceries. You are definitely my go-to guys for help. I can do it all on my own, but you know I would rather spread the help around.

Gentleman 1 tags hungry lady: If you would like to go to Buckner Thriftway and get you $40 or $50 worth of groceries I will meet you down there around 9:45 and pay for them. Please respond to this when you are headed that way.

Gentleman 2: I’m a little late to the party, what do we still need?

Gentleman 1: We got her taken care of, buddy

Gentleman 3: I have a bunch of frozen dinners I would like to give away. Let me know and we can arrange a place in Buckner to meet.

Gentleman 4: Sure, anything to help: Send address, needs.

Amazed lady: This is amazing, you guys!

Gentleman 5: I have some chicken.

Blessed lady: I hope everybody knows how blest we are by the generous members of our community.

Gentleman 6: Did you get enough food? Harvester’s food distribution is tomorrow


  1. Post like this bring tears to my eyes of thanksgiving. Thank you Jesus and giving God all the glory.

  2. This is the way our communities are designed to work!!

  3. The one that knocks is Jesus.

  4. It's so nice to see such generous people. It's amazing ! We are the hands and feet of Jesus they say.

  5. That's just wonderful! Those are some very generous people!

  6. God Bless each one of those who helped her out!

  7. It was like that here when the pandemic first started. Now it's a lot of discouraging attitudes and behaviors. I'm glad that some towns are still doing it right.

  8. We had folks set up a "needs" group for our community. It was busy when the pandemic first closed things down but for now requests have died down. I fear things might become unsettled once school starts. It is good that people are able to help one another.

  9. Donna...hi I'm patsy's sister...saw you had mentioned her on Betty's blog....the day after Trump was elected I got a call from Patsys son Tony...He said, "Have you been down to Moms grave this morning?" I said I had not ....He said, " Well one of us has to go, since trump was elected i imagine she has clawed her way out of the grave."


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