Friday, September 13, 2019

Visiting my sister in her new home

Jonathan apples have been picked at the local orchard.  My sister, her son's wife, and a grandson's wife wanted some Jonathan apples and couldn't find any for sale in Oklahoma City, so I volunteered to take some to them.  Honestly, I just wanted a good excuse to visit my sister and see how she was doing after her latest move.  When I got their apples from the orchard, the lady there said they hardly sell any Jonathans; she said if they took them to Arkansas they could sell them, because they still cook down there.  The owner of Rasa Orchard told us a couple of years ago that they would eventually take the Jonathan trees out; he said Walmart won't even buy them from him.  I would think they would at least keep half a dozen Jonathan trees for the few people who want them.  

We had no problems at all with traffic, either going or coming home.  It was a smooth trip all the way around, and we had a lovely visit.  Maxine's son, Larry, with his wife, ate lunch with us.  They thought it would be the only time we could visit with no interruptions, since they were in charge of their three grandchildren while their daughter-in-law is away on a job-related trip.  Two of them are in school, and the youngest is in preschool for four hours or so.  There's another child (a girl) on the way.  These three are a lively bunch, and it was a hoot trying to get a good picture of them together.  I do have pictures, so without any more delay I'll introduce you to William, age 2, who decided I am the devil and refused to even look at me; Benjamin, age five; and Caroline, I believe age 7.  You will see by these shots that my nephew and his wife have their work cut out for them.  They brought the children by to see us after picking them up from their schools, and I just wanted a picture of the kids.  Benjamin is missing in the first picture, having gone on a search for an M and M’s.

Benjamin is absent here because he went to get an M and M out of the M and M machine in the guest bedroom.

 Benjamin came and got his sister.  I guess he figured she'd like an M&M too.
William is still avoiding looking at me

Things went from bad to worse
Grandma Debra stepped in to try and restore order

William tried to make a break from the hostage situation

William wasn't happy, but I was fast on the trigger and got one picture... with one kid smiling and two who would rather be anywhere else.  The lovely Caroline is a sweetheart; she read a book to me, and read it perfectly!  I was going to cut Debra out of the picture because she's blurred, but look at her!  She is posed to grab William in case he runs away.  Grandparents need to have nerves of steel, hearts of gold, and speed.

They are good, smart kids, but little William is two, and you never know what a two-year-old is going to say or do.  We've all been there!  

Maxine and I, just outside her front door

Us from a distance.

Here's something I thought was interesting:  A baby shoe worn by Maxine's father-in-law, who was born in 1886.

We enjoyed the visit.  Next spring or summer, we intend to go back, stay at least one more day, and visit the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum, among other things.  I  hope by then the new baby is born, and maybe William will realize by then I'm a little ornery, but I'm really NOT the devil!



Margaret said...

Great photos! It's funny how kids take likes and dislikes to people for NO reason. They are like cats. :)

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Sounds like your sister has moved closer I think she used to live in Texas. Glad you too can visit easier now and found the apples she was looking for. I haven't been out to our local orchard yet, but they usually do have Jonathans there. They are a favorite of mine. Hard to believe apple season is here already!