Wednesday, September 25, 2019


I finally decided to update our Garmin Nuvi, after two years of faithful service.  As I was sitting at the computer impatiently waiting for all the maps to update (or whatever else the update entails), I said to myself... well, wait, let me back up and say that Bill Burr's voice in my head is gone, but after watching Jeff Dunham today, I'm hoping he'll be the next voice doing my "thinking" for me.  He, or one of his puppets.  

Now.  I was sitting here idly waiting for our Garmin to update and said to myself (since no comedians are speaking for me), "Self, you owe all three of your readers a blog entry.  Surely you can come up with something, anything.”

As it turns out, this was a good thought, because I got the notice it will be three hours until my GPS is done.  From past experience, if it says three hours, it'll probably be more like six, with our 5.8 out-in-the-boonies Internet speed.  Or maybe more, because CenturyLink has people cutting brush off the lines at present; it may be unrelated, but I've noticed a lot of people complaining about their phone lines going dead.  Today we've been going back and forth from no Internet to the usual speed in a matter of minutes; it's happened at least five or six times.  I'm picturing limbs landing on phone lines, causing problems with telephones and Internet, and the people getting it off the lines so it will start working again.  This is probably all wrong, but let me have my little fantasy, OK?  

Cliff and I made a big discovery the other day.  When we were at my sister's a while back, I told her we never used to go into a Dollar General Store, it was just easier to get everything at Walmart.  However, we found some things that are especially low-priced.  Also, it's handy if we need milk, and nothing else, to get it at Dollar General; or when I let the cats run out of food.  The best bargain of all is found in the greeting card section.  You can get really nice cards for a dollar or two.  Maxine said she likes Dollar Tree, too, saying Cool-Whip is always a dollar there.  Well, I had been in a few Dollar Tree stores, and all I noticed was a lot of cheap knick-knacks (I call them dust-gatherers).  I just couldn't stop thinking, "What would you want that costs only a dollar?  How good could this stuff be?"

Well, the two of us went into Dollar Tree and found several things to buy; Cliff even bought some pool noodles that were on clearance for fifty cents.  I went back to the freezer to see if they had Cool-Whip, and there it was, just like Maxine said.  I shouldn't have looked, though, because I saw a food item in that freezer section that is an achilles heel to both of us.  Why are we so food motivated?  I don't know, but we saw some of those delicious Snickers ice cream bars that cost twice as much in Quicktrip stores... and yes, they were a buck each!  We bought two and ate them as soon as we got to the car.

So, Monday I told Cliff I wanted to eat at PT's in Oak Grove; I wanted us to split one of their huge tenderloin sandwiches and a half-order of onion rings, because even splitting it, it's almost too much for us.  As we drove past the brand new Dollar Tree in Oak Grove, I said, "And there's our dessert!  A Snickers ice cream bar!  I assume all Dollar Trees have them, right?"
"I'd think so," Cliff said.

Not so.  Brand new store, but the freezers quit working.  Really?  Oh well, we went to Quicktrip and paid twice as much, so we got our ice cream anyway.  

The updates are 14% loaded now, and there are still three hours and ten minutes to go.  



Leilani Schuck Weatherington said...

Yes. Items at the Dollar General stores are often quite a bit less expensive than the alternatives. However, I dunno about the DG stores up there where you live but the one in our town leaves a lot to be desired. It's fine if the item is on the shelf, but if the store runs out of something it can be weeks (and I am not kidding here) before the item is back on the shelf, and them sometimes only a couple of the item will be there. The other problem that we find infuriating is that the clerks are required to leave the check out counter and stock the shelves but are not allowed to have bell at the counter so a customer waiting to check out can ring for assistance. The waiting for them to notice you can be very annoying. Shoplifting at the store is very high for that reason.

Margaret said...

I am addicted to the Tillamook Salted Caramel ice cream sandwiches, which aren't really sandwiches. They are delicious and I wish I'd never discovered them! I also love the chocolate hazelnut ones, but can't find them anywhere around these days. I like one stop shopping, so it's hard for me to buy at a Dollar Store, which often has random merchandise. And I don't like the dust collectors either!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love Dollar Gereneral, It's become the corner stone of yesteryear. I do love the $ cards too.

Margie's Musings said...

Here where I live, we have no grocery stores so Dollar General is all we have. I go to Coffeyville every Wednesday for the senior center games and my hair appointment so if I need anything I can't get at Dollar General, I get it then.