Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Making biscuits with a four-year-old

I mixed the dry ingredients with just a little help from the kid with adding and mixing.  Then I added the lard, and she used her pastry-blending skills.

I kneaded the dough, then let her try her hand at it.  She decided she should press it all out ready to cut into biscuits, but I kneaded it back into a ball and rolled it out with my rolling pin.  In case you are wondering, yes... we DID wash our hands thoroughly before we stuck them in the dough.  After all, we handle a dog frequently.

I let the kid cut out the first biscuit.  How do you like my biscuit-cutter?  It's an old tomato sauce can.

Yes, a perfect circle!  At the upper left-hand corner of the picture is the lentil stew I'm thawing for our next meal, mine and Cliff's; the Little Princess will have mac-and-cheese or something.  Lentil stew is low-fat and low-calorie, and will help us compensate for the 5,000 calories we had for breakfast.  OK, it wasn't quite that bad, since we can neither one eat more than two biscuits each these days... not because we're counting calories, but because our stomachs fill up much quicker than they did, say, ten years ago.

 We made sure there was plenty of scrap dough to play with once the biscuits were in the oven.

Floury hands!  That's a sure sign of a good cook.

Look how much we managed to save for her to play with.  It kept her occupied for forty-five minutes.

I keep telling her one of these days she will be making the biscuits while I go back to bed.  

May all of you have a child or a puppy or kitten around (or whatever it takes) to keep you smiling in spite of what you see on the news. 



  1. She is a beautiful smart little girl one day she will be a great cook, thanks to you for teaching not many people would take the time.

  2. Fantastic post Donna! My grandsons, three and thirteen like to bake and cook with me. Sometimes, their parents are a little flabbergasted when they want to try out their new age appropriate skills at home. The older one is a dab hand in the kitchen.

  3. Anyone who makes biscuits from scratch has my wholehearted admiration. It seems to be a lost art.
    Cute photos!

  4. What a great job she did of making those biscuit! Thanks for sharing your smiles!

  5. oh the memories you are making for her. My granddaughter loves to come to grandma's and bake and cook too!

  6. biscuits from scratch look divine. i bet they smelled delicious too. good job to your helper.


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