Thursday, November 09, 2017

My husband finally made the big time (but you'd never know it)

I was in the kitchen getting myself a cup of coffee when Cliff said, "Hey, that's the machine I lay under every day, right here on TV" and then said, "I'm pausing this so you can see."

The news crew was doing a brief segment about how tofu can increase the risk of advanced prostate cancer, but for about five seconds, this image was put on our local Fox 4 news:

I decided to delay my coffee refill for a minute and went to see.  

"That is the exact machine I lay in every day for five minutes," he said, almost proudly.  

"Not only that, but it's YOU in the picture," I responded.

"I think you're right!"

Of course I'm right.  I recognize the shirt and the arm, and so did he after it was called to his attention.  Normally Cliff would be wearing overalls, but he often wears his one pair of jeans to treatments.  He's hit the big-time.  He said he didn't remember anybody else in the room, but I pointed out that since it didn't show his face, he couldn't have seen a person taking a picture.  

Cliff's doing fine, although the he does have one side effect now from the estrogen in his body (lots of hot flashes) and one caused by the radiation (extreme tiredness and lots of sleeping).  Nothing terrible so far, and he only has to do this until December 5.  

I just wanted to share his fame with my readers. 


  1. How about that! A real celebrity! That's neat!

  2. Addressing the tiredness issue--- Even though he is not getting radiation overall, it could still be affecting his blood levels, make sure his B12 is good-extra won't hurt-

  3. Donna - my wife had radiation after her breast cancer surgery. The tiredness was her biggest side effect. She managed to stay ahead of "sunburned" skin problems with liberal applications of Cera Ve skin lotion.

  4. That's awesome! (both about the picture and the few side effects)

  5. So glad he isn't having too terrible many side effects from the radiation, but oh those hot flashes must be miserable to have, us women know how awful they are for us!

  6. I’m glad to hear the side effects aren’t to severe. A celebrity in the house! Enjoy your weekend Donna and Cliff!

  7. a real celebrity. glad the side effects aren't too severe.

  8. That is definitely not a great way to make the big time, but we've got to be thankful for modern medicine and the good that it does. Lots of rest is needed when you are healing and he has a lot of that going on inside. Praying for a complete recovery !

  9. Everyone needs 15 seconds of fame.... it's good for what ails. XOXO


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