Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Six months after my New Year's resolution

I choose #1, and no, I don't intend to keep on talking forever about my weight.  But I am proud that I've stuck to my guns for six months, even though losing weight, for me, is the easy part once I get started.  This entry, really, is for my own benefit because it marks my progress.  This will be my last entry about weight loss (and/or maintenance) until New Year's.  After that, I will make it an annual entry.  
This morning I weight 2/10 of a pound under 150, which is another milestone because I am now one hundred forty-something.  I am ten pounds under my original goal, and have lost thirty-seven pounds.  I don't care whether I lose more, but I do care that I keep the weight off.
Something I've learned is that I don't need to eat dessert just because Cliff does, which saves me at least 200 calories a day.  Cliff cannot eat a meal without having something sweet, and for all these years I have been eating dessert just because he does.  We are both "buddy eaters" and tend to want whatever the other is eating.  Now I ask myself, "Do you really want that?"  

The answer is usually no.  During the summer, I buy those long popsicles at Walmart.  Our old practice was to eat several of those a day.  Now we are allowed one daily, but I forget to eat mine!    

So here's hoping I can give a good report six months from now.  Every time I wonder if I will maintain, I remember my daughter's challenge early this year:  "Do you know ANYBODY who ever kept the weight off after they lost it?"  
I am striving to finally be that one.  Thanks, Rachel, for the motivation.  


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Good luck. Continued success. It is hard to maintain weight loss for sure.

Christine said...

Keeping it off is where I have failed every time. But it is the most critical of the whole process IMO. You are an inspiration to me to at least give it one more try. :-)

KellyGa said...

Once you know what to do, you just do it and make it a way of life. That way you keep it off. A few pounds gained and lost wont be such a big deal now. Your body is going to fluctuate some, but you know the right things to do to do it, and you are doing it! I am proud of you! I am glad that I could be a part of your inspiration as well as for so many others. I know I will never go back to what I was. I can't imagine it. You are awesome!

Margaret said...

Great job! You've learned a lot along the way that will help you keep the weight off.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I think it is wonderful that you can say no to sweets. I'm a sweet lover and have to have something every day. Usually it's a donut or two. Those have become my favorite. I do like my pecan sandie cookies too. Now that summer is here drinking sweet tea is a must. So you can see I get my sweets. Of course I haven't lost any weight either.