Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Some recent Facebook connections

Everybody, including me, complains about Facebook:  too many political posts, too much complaining, too addictive.  All true, as it happens.  But wonderful things happen there, too.  I have reconnected with several people from my past, even a few from my grade-school years.  Recently a great-nephew, Todd, sent a friend request; I hadn't heard anything of him in years... since my mom's funeral, I believe.  In fact, when I first got the request, I struggled to think who it was, since I had forgotten his last name.  

Todd was always great at keeping in touch with my mother, and she thought highly of him and his family.  My late brother was his grandfather.  Now, a lot of my brother's family have been ramblers, moving from place to place, and I lost track of most of them long ago.  However, Mother, when she was alive, usually had some idea of where most of them were.  She was good at writing and keeping in touch with folks.  

After Todd connected with me, his sister Alisha sent a request, and later my niece, their mother Cheryl.  She and I messaged and caught up a little on what had been going on in our lives.  We talked about her mom, Wilma, who is still living.  She mentioned her brother Rod, who is a professional wrestler.  Say what?  When I was a teenager, I was quite the fan of wrestling, so this was fascinating to me.  

I remember my brother's two oldest children, Cheryl and Ronnie, quite well from when I was a child... I'm only five years or so older than Cheryl.  But I had not seen Rod, I believe, since he was nine months old.  I was expecting my first baby, and when Jack (my brother) and his family came to visit, his wife Wilma brought me the baby clothes Rod had outgrown.  That was the only recollection I had of actually seeing him, and he was just a few months old.  And he's a wrestler?  How exciting!  Cheryl said he needs to retire, but so far he's still going strong.  She told me he's on Facebook using his wrestling persona name, so I went looking, found him and sent a friend request.  I'm having a lot of fun seeing him make threats and such for those who want to take him down.  If you've ever watched wrestling, you know how that goes.  

From what I can tell, he may be one of the "bad guys".  In the old days, wrestlers sometimes switched from bad guy to good guy at the drop of a hat, so you never knew what to expect.  Rod said he sometimes wrestles in Kansas City, and I think it would be great fun to go see him.  I haven't been to a wrestling match in years.

Cora is napping, and it occurred to me that this story could make a blog entry.  So here you have it.



Mary Degli Esposti said...

Well, I can't say I see a resemblance ;o, but I'd imagine he is an interesting person to read & follow. I don't do FB, but if I had siblings, I'm sure I would, at least for that connection, since I mostly do my hermit thing. Shoot, Cora will probably be on FB soon....everyone seems to be.


How cool is this? Hope you get to see him before he retires.

Lori said...

That is so cool! I've had a few scattered family members send me a friend request and had to figure out who they were. I have connected with some long-lost cousins and friends.