Sunday, February 24, 2013

Fun in the snow

 Arick was going to play in the snow in the pasture with his 4-wheel-drive vehicle, but there was quite a bit of thawing going on and he ended up stuck in our yard.  

Cliff to the rescue.  He had planned to pull us around with his John Deere, but it was too little to do the job.  Brother-in-law's Mahindra to the rescue.  

Monica, Natalie, and Heather sat on the old pickup hood we were using as a sleigh.  When Cliff took off, Heather ended up on the ground.  

But then they were off to the pasture.  Titan ought to be worn out; he frolicked along with our "sleigh" everywhere we went.

The cows watched Arick try to slide down a hill with a piece of tin.  

 I got a turn on our sleigh.

 When we were done making Cliff haul us around the pasture, we took turns sliding down a hill on the sleigh.  It was so heavy that Cliff put a rope on it and pulled us back up the hill with the tractor after we reached the bottom.  Sweet!  Arick and Heather decided to stand up while Cliff brought them back.  Cliff laughed a lot at me, wallowing around in the snow trying to get up and down on the sleigh.  It's a cumbersome job for me to get down to ground level and sit.  

Here's a video I took so my readers could get the feel of our ride.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

You are a brave soul. Glad you all had fun!

small farm girl said...

We do that all the time when it snows! It's fun until you go through a mud puddle. LOL

Helen said...

Sounds like a lot of fun.

Margaret said...

It looks like fun! I like the snow, while it's falling and for a few hours after that. Then I'm ready for it to go away. :)