Monday, February 25, 2013


This is Gracie, the bottle calf I bought in September.  She has to survive with the big cows now.  No bottle (since November), no grain (except for an occasional treat).  Actually she is doing quite well, and is one of the tamest cows I have ever raised.  We were going to have the vet out this week to dehorn her and the new baby, Jenny; but the storms have put my plans on hold.  This is another of my daughter's pictures.  She works for a photo-processing lab, and I think she has learned a thing or two from the experts.  
Cliff and I had plans to go to the Grand Canyon this year, but we have cancelled.  We do have sufficient funds, but have decided perhaps it would be best not to drain said funds.  Since we won't be traveling much, I am going into the chicken business on a larger scale.  I might be persuaded to buy a feeder pig or two.  Hey, if you are going to be stuck at home, you might as well be doing things you enjoy.  
I am seriously considering looking locally for an infant to babysit.  Just one, that Cliff and I could spoil rotten.  It would be a little extra income and we would enjoy it.  We've done it before.  However, if that doesn't happen I can always buy another bottle calf.  I love babies.  
There is another huge snowstorm headed our way tonight.  I love snow.  Bring it on.  The only drawback is that we can't go for our daily walk when the drifts are three feet deep.  It's going to be hard on us to get back to our routine after being sidetracked for so long.  Wish us luck.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Home isn't really a bad place at all to be stuck. You have much to keep you occupied there. I'm now stuck at home too and will miss my days spent at the campground. There's lots to do here too and I don't have any cows or chickens at all. Seems anymore I'm pretty to content to be at home.

Helen said...

Gracie sure has grown quickly. Won't be long until you are selling her and getting more.