Monday, February 04, 2013

Canines, containers, and cows

My daughter has given me some inspiration, or perhaps I should say motivation, a couple of times lately.  
I used to buy Hill's Science Diet for any dog I owned.  I assumed it must be the best because veteranarians sell it, although I bought mine at various farm stores.  Rachel told me about a website that compares the various brands of dog food (click HERE), showing that Science Diet only gets a one-star rating, the lowest possible.  Not that Iris has been getting that brand for the past couple of years; I received a free sample of Purina One, dumped it in the dish beside Science Diet, and Iris obviously preferred the sample.  That's what we've bought for her ever since.  That one gets two stars.  
There's a list of the best dog foods (HERE), but on that very long list, the only one I've heard of is Diamond.  That's the brand my grandson was getting for Titan; it made him have terrible gas, and he was losing weight.  So they switched him to Iris' brand.  
What I'd like is a sample of Diamond before I buy a big bag; It's available on for about the same price I'm paying for Purina One.  Shipping is free.  If Iris seems to like it OK, we'll switch.  I'm hoping Titan's gas problem was just some sort of food allergy.  So much for canines.  

On to the containers:  Rachel mentioned a while back that she went through all her containers like these, and the ones that had no matching lids, she tossed.  That jogged me into action, and I followed her example.  It seems she found more containers than lids.  It was opposite for me.  Now I'm wondering whether we had one another's containers and lids!  Food has been known to travel between our houses, in both directions.  Anyhow, after the purge I had very few containers left, so I bought some new ones.  The Glad freezerWare in the picture is the size I use the most.  I got attached to those because they would fit in Cliff's lunch box.  Of course, when he retired, so did his lunch box, but I'm still partial to that size.  The multi-use-but-semi-disposable sort of container is one of the better inventions to come to pass during my lifetime:  Cheap enough that you aren't afraid of losing them, but durable enough to use over and over.  

It was fairly decent weather this morning, so I spent a little time with the cows, giving Jody her daily bite of feed.

from the side

from the rear
With only two weeks until her due date, Jody continues to "make bag", as my dad and mom used to say.  

 Crystal, Bonnie's calf, has always been on the shy side.  When a calf runs at Mama's side all the time, it's hard to gentle her down.  Thank goodness her curiosity makes her want to inspect things and people.  Today I could see she wanted in the barn when I let Jody in, so I stood back and watched her slowly enter.  Then I shut the door.  She panicked briefly, but when I put some sweet feed in front of her she lost most of her fear.  At one point I was sitting on a stool less than three feet away from her, watching her eat.  This little girl has her mom's personality.  

Crystal was born in November, two months later than George and Gracie.  She has almost caught up to them in size, and I imagine she'll pass them up before long.  All that milk makes her grow fast.


Rachel said...

I bet we did swap lids/containers. Dang it. LOL

Hyperblogal said...

This was udderly fascinating. (rimshot)

Margaret said...

It's interesting how we make assumptions about what's better without really knowing the facts. (guilty as charged!) I love that fuzzy white calf--is that Crystal?

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

My kids often motivate me so when I read that Rachel had motivated you, I could definitely relate. I have a whole cupboard of those kind of containers and they are great for when the kids want to take some leftovers home with them. The good thing is they usually bring them back so I haven't had to buy any new ones in a long time. I did go through and purge some old ones though. Lids to tend to crack after awhile. Good to see how all the calves are growing. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday!

Donna said...

Crystal is the calf in the foreground. The white one, which seems to be everybody's favorite, is a steer. We intend to eat him.

Cliff said...

Marilyn's had some customers who bring their own food bring Blue Bufalo dog food. They swear by it and I see it's on your list. She's thinking of starting to carry that brand of dog food. It's been several years since she sold dog food but she'll soon have plenty of room to do so.
She used to sell Science Diet but it got too expensive.

Donna said...

No Patsy, we got the Herford just a year ago. Bought her from Cliff's brother. Go back to January of 2012 and you will see when we brought her home.

Average Jane said...

It's nice to see that Nulo is on the list of best dry dog foods since that's what we feed Toby.

I can't get their cat food anymore because one of our cats is on a special prescription diet, which means ALL of our cats are on the special diet.