Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Annoying man

There is a certain person in my town who used to come here often asking me to put ads on Craigslist for him.  He fancies himself quite a hot-shot trader.  He would want me to scan pictures to go with his ads, and was very picky about how it was done; usually he'd be here an hour or more just to get everything to suit him for an ad that should have taken ten minutes.  Then he would want me to print something for him, several copies please.  Oh, wait, I don't think he ever said "please".  He sure never bothered to pay me for ink.  
Here's an example of how annoying the guy is:  He is the one who came to our house for the logging crew, asking if we wanted to sell our walnut; I assume they pay him some sort of finder's fee for every land-owner who signs up.  That's fine, but once the crew arrived, he took the liberty of driving into our pasture every day, sometimes more than once, while the logging was going on.  He was here when they gave us our check, and had the nerve to ask how much we got for the lumber.  
One time he came for some reason and I told him if he wanted some tomatoes from my garden to help himself.  He took some home with him.  A week later I looked out my window and there he was getting more tomatoes and picking peppers as well!  He just drove up, didn't ask me or Cliff if it was OK.  Nervy, right?  I told him I wanted what was left, and he got in his truck and left.  
A few months ago I finally refused to do one of his little ad-placing freebies.  
You can't insult the guy, believe me.  Cliff and I have both tried.  
A while ago he showed up at my door.  I saw he had a manilla envelope in his hand.  I didn't invite him in.  He says, "I need a favor."
"If it involves my computer, no," I told him.  "You need to learn to do that stuff yourself."  
"Oh, well.  I guess I'll have Shelly do it.  How do you like your new neighbors?"  
Seriously?  See what I mean about how you can't insult him?  I brush him off and he tries to make conversation.  
I don't know who Shelly is; if I did, I would call and warn her.     
I know this makes me a not-so-nice person.  But I'm telling you, this individual has pushed me to my limit.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I would say you have been kinder than I ever would have been to someone like that. Truly if he wasn't a friend of mine, I'd never started doing those things in the first place. I am wondering if Shelly is the name of your new neighbor??

Donna said...

No Ma, they aren't even moved in yet. I'm sure it's somebody in town, perhaps somebody who charges him. I wouldn't help him again if he paid me!

Hyperblogal said...

My favorite is when I get a call: "Hey, please come to our party, Oh, and bring your camera."


Flat Creek Farm said...

I think there is a clone to your annoying fella in our neck o' the woods. We have a similar situation, and we are SO done with this guy!! He doesn't 'get it' either :-/ I feel your pain, if that helps. Good luck!! -Tammy

Melissa Wiggins said...

I'm catching up again -- you are very prolific in your writing. I wish I could find that much to say in my blog. The nasty man seems to be around in every community. I love the "semi-disposal" containers. And there seems to be a size for everything left over. You don't even mind sending folks home with them even when you know they won't be returned. The calves look very sweet in the pictures. Makes me want to pet them. I've tried both the very expensive, the expensive, and the cheap dog food. From that I've learned that as long as the food is not made in China or outside the USA you can count on its quality. But you get that stuff they make out of the country -- they recall it all the time. Purina is a good company -- most of their food is made right here. Some of the Canadian food is really good, too -- just read the labels and see where the food is made and Iris should be fine. MGW

Margaret said...

He sounds like a real user and we all get tired of those kind of people. My parents have lived next to a guy like that for decades; he and my dad worked at the same school and he rode with my dad for years. He would always tell people that he carpooled which made my mom furious because he never paid a dime for gas or took a turn driving. Now he bums their newspaper from them and if there is a party with free food or liquor, he drinks so much that he has to crawl up their hillside. :)

Paula said...

Some nerve!

Jon said...

Sounds like this dude needs a swift kick in the ass, and I'd like to be there to inflict it.

Don't do anything else for this clown. Let him figure it out on his own.

small farm girl said...

He sounds like the type of person who cant take a hint. There are lot like that. He probably actually considers you a friend. He probably thinks that if it bothers you that you would say something about what he is doing. And he wouldnt be offended by you saying that it bothers you. Im just guessing because I know people like this. They arent bad people, just socially handicaped.
Oh, and when I saw your title, I thought," Oh no, what did Cliff do?" Lol

aHunkaHunkaBurningLove said...

He sure is stepping over the line.......however I wish I could have just a little bit of his "I don't give a damn about what people think" attitude.