Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentine's Day

Cliff and I don't do Valentine cards much.  I don't have any desire for flowers, and I certainly do not need candy.  The one thing we usually do to celebrate Valentine's day is this:  we eat out someplace, usually Olive Garden.
Well, we're trying to behave ourselves.  We're each down thirteen pounds or so, and neither of us wants to ruin that with a day of gluttony.
This morning Cliff said, "I wish I could buy you a meal somewhere for Valentine's Day, but that's out."
Since we were going to hit the roads today, I said, "Hey, we can always get a Subway sandwich.  Let's do that!"
He agreed to that.  But then I remembered we were going to be stopping by a Walmart and I changed my mind.
"Instead of the Subway sandwich, which we can get any time, how about we get one of those rotisserie chickens, take it home and heat up that leftover macaroni-and-tomatoes from yesterday that's in the refrigerator.  I'll cook some baby lima beans, and we'll eat healthy."
We each had a leg and thigh (with skin removed).  Cliff had a few bits of chicken in his salad tonight.  And we'll have the chicken breast as the main course in tomorrow's dinner.  It was a good Valentine's Day around here.



Margaret said...

Yummy!! And that's a lot of weight to be down. I'm impressed.

Paula said...

You two have so much self control. Good for you! We have a Subway in our Wal*Mart. They took out the McDonald's.

Jon said...

You don't do Valentine cards, you don't want flowers or candy. sounds like you'd be the perfect valentine....

I'm yours!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I love a roast chicken like that since there is always leftovers. Congrats to you both for eating so healthy and loosing weight too. I got to baby sit for DD and her hubby while they went out to eat. Hope you have a fantastic Friday!

Helen said...

I bought a chicken like that a couple of days ago. Since Ken doesn't eat chicken,the dogs and I have been sharing that. I try to give them only small bites. I pull the skin off also. That is a good weight loss. I on the other hand just keep adding the lbs. on.