Saturday, October 01, 2011

Why wouldn't it fit?

This is a service step that the previous owner of the 1855 added; it gives the farmer a place to stand and access the top of the tractor.  Otherwise, you'd need a ladder.  The tractor didn't come from the factory with this addition, but Cliff likes the looks of it, and it's practical.  That heavy step came off this tractor two years ago; but today when Cliff wanted to put it back on, the bolt-holes don't quite line up.  We had a similar problem with that canopy the boys helped him with

He tried pulling the two sides together with a cable winch.  Nothing doing.  Once the winch was loosened, the metal sprang right back to where it was.  

He tried again.  He gained 1/8 inch this time, but he needed more.  (Notice my dog, obsessing over shadows as usual.)
There's another set of holes in line with the ones Cliff was aiming for, and at one point he convinced himself that perhaps he should be hooking the step up to those.  I suggested that before he started drilling and messing up his beautiful paint job, I should find a picture I took of the tractor when we first bought it.  We'd make the picture full-screen and see if we could tell which holes we were supposed to use.  

This is the picture, which showed us he had been using the right holes all along; for some reason, they just wouldn't line up.  

He brought out the big guns:  drills and acetylene torches.  Finally, he was able to match up the holes, and not too much damage was done.  

Success is sweet, but what on earth is it that causes these big, heavy pieces of metal change sizes between the time they are removed and the time to put them back on the tractor?  
I blame Obama.


Fernan said...

I've never seen that step before? Was it perhaps an aftermarket dealer option? My next impression has me thinking running board. I like the concept making it easier to check water, dust bowl, and most importantly able to wax the whole hood. :)

Fernan said...

Back again.
Been thinking.......err....wondering?
Had Cliff have you wash that step for him back when? Could it have also shrunk along with cliff's pants over the years?
I understand Cliff's accumulated years of laundry...n...only weeks or months the step...
Just saying... :)


Does metal expand or contract? Things warp in the heat. Maybe that's why? Glad he was able to fit it back in place. Thank goodness for your photo documentation.

Lindie said...

Can it warp? Or is it just the world is warped?

Sister--Three said...

Larry works on his yellow Farmall almost everyday. It will be done soon and I will post a picture. We have about 5 or 6 tractors.

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha, might have to report you to ATTACK WATCH!!!!!HaHa

Lori said...

Isn't it weird how metal does that?