Tuesday, October 04, 2011


My daughter took pictures of Cliff's activities in the shop yesterday.  I stole them off Facebook.  

That tire is filled with fluid, so it's heavier than you can imagine.  Cliff spent a couple of hours trying to get it lined up with the bolts on the tractor.  Nothing about putting this tractor back together has been easy.  

Close, but no cigar.  Since son-in-law Kevin was there to help, the finally devised a way to get things lined up.  

They managed to get it on a creeper and roll it up to the wheel.  That didn't make it easy, but at least it made it possible.   

My great-granddaughter and I watched the action.  If I look totally pooped in this picture, it's because I was.  I'm not ready to tell you the harrowing story of how my morning went.  
I had planned stir-fry for me and Cliff for dinner, but thanks to the fact that hamburger can be thawed in a microwave, the rest of the crew had cheeseburgers.  Cliff loves stir-fry, but I think when he smelled the burgers cooking he would have rather had a burger.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Talk about your challenging moments. That tire is one for sure. Glad Cliff had some help and that you could relax is a great thing too. After days of rain here I think we may just see some sun today. Hope your Tuesday is a terrific one!

darev2005 said...

That looked like a heck of a project. Considering my luck with tools lately, I think I'll stay an observer.

Amish Stories said...

I thought id stop by your blog and say hello. And i hope your enjoying the beautiful fall weather that has begun. Richard from Amish Stories.

nerves05 (Nancy) said...

I think you look relaxed and your just chill'n out :-).. and that GGbaby of your is just the cutest little thing.. she has grown so much.. I love her pig tails..


It pays to be persistant. Glad Cliff was. This tractor is giving him fits, isn't it? Got a kick out of you supervising from the sidelines. Your great grandchild is too cute for words.