Saturday, October 22, 2011

Iris finally has a real doggie friend

Shortly after bringing Iris home from the shelter we found out she hates other dogs.  Especially small dogs, although she once attacked Hawkeye, my daughter's dog who is far bigger than she, to the point where he didn't want to come and visit us for a long time.  
It was really frightening when she attacked Cliff's sister's miniature dachshund, Angel, because that sweet little dog always submits to other dogs and loves everybody.  Honestly, it was downright scary when Iris attacked her.  We're not just talking about a grumpy old dog that snaps at others; Iris obviously meant to kill, and we had to tear them apart.  
She finally stopped attacking Angel, although I'd still be hesitant to leave them alone.  She has never accepted the other dog that lives with Angel, and went viciously after her not too long ago; once again, if someone had not been there to intervene, I don't know what might have happened.   
So, my grandson has been working lots of overtime, and he's been having his girl friend bring their Great Dane pup out here to spend the day.  He's no problem at all.  He stays near our house, spending lots of time sleeping on the porch.  I let him in a few times a day and he does well, mostly just following me from room to room; no accidents so far.  
Iris has never shown her usual bad attitude with Titan.  He's big and clumsy, and tries to force her to play; you'd think if she was going to attack anybody, it would be him.  But after two weeks being forced to put up with Titan, the most she has done is snap at him when he stumbles over her.  
Maybe she realizes he's just a puppy.  

Not only that, but I've seen her outside playing with him.  Yes, she likes the big oaf.  


madcobug said...

Hopefully she has found a friend. He is soon going to be larger tan Iris. Helen

Michaele said...

Good to see Iris is getting socialized. I had the same problem with one of my dogs. It is scary to have a dog like that around. Cute photo.

darev2005 said...

We had that problem with Daisy after we had to put Daphne down. She didn't want to be around any other dogs. Other than the fact that she is just old and cranky. She's finally managing to put up with DJ and even play with her some now and then.

Glad to see Iris has found a friend.

Tawnya said...

They are too cute together!!! I am glad that Iris finally has a friend. They are cute together..


Iris and Titan make a cute pair. Glad Iris has mellowed. Just remember she can turn at any time. Fingers are crossed she keeps her cool.

Milly said...

You never know with pups. Mostly ours get along fine - because we insist they get along fine. But only Fritzy was so in love with his housemate (the best dog in the world, Wolfie) that when he died, Fritzy went into a terrible decline. He hid under the bed for three months -- until we finally brought Gussie home for him. When Luie went missing last week, Gussie could have cared less. M.

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I sure do hope it stays that way as long as you have him coming often to spend the day with you. There are a lot of dogs that are caged up for 12 hours a day when there owners are at work and it's sad to think about that kind of life for them.

Margaret said...

I wonder why Iris is so territorial. I'm glad that she tolerates the pup, or it would be stressful for you! When Titan grows up, do you think it will be different?