Friday, October 21, 2011

I can feel winter approaching.

We've had two nights of frost and freezing, and now I'm starving all the time.
Is it just me?  It's like I'm going into hibernation mode, trying to put on a nice layer of fat for the winter.  I wake up in the morning thinking, "Bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy, pancakes..."
Breakfast is the meal I normally have the most control over:  oatmeal or cream of wheat, sometimes a bowl of cereal (all with a banana added).  Oh, if we have overnight guests, I'll use that as an excuse for making biscuits and gravy; or if a granddaughter spends the night, I usually make pancakes.  You know, fattening meals once in a while won't hurt anybody.  
But this time of year I wake up EVERY morning wanting all the unhealthy stuff.  ALL OF IT!  I go ahead and fix our healthy stuff, then confess to Cliff what I really wanted.  Of course, he wants all that stuff too.  
Perhaps we could fix this by going to a breakfast buffet and eating everything in sight.  Trouble is, I just can't do a buffet justice any more, and besides, buffets are, for the most part, pretty nasty (people sneezing on the food, for example).  Anyhow, most "eating out" doesn't fit our budget, with the exception of the McDonald's dollar menu.  
Cooler weather also makes me want certain foods that aren't so bad for us:  chili (my recipe is pretty good for us), corn bread and beans (in moderation, not so bad for us), soups of all kinds.  These are cravings I can submit to, and I do.  
But I also get the urge to bake cookies and pies and rolls, this time of year.  Even in small servings, apple pie adds a lot of calories to our daily intake.  We won't talk about the ice cream on top of it.  
Oh well, I guess it isn't supposed to be easy.


darev2005 said...

I was just having an odd craving for grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup. Must be the change in the weather.

Vicki said...

For sure I won't be eating at any buffets---EVER. I know what you mean about the cool weather cravings. I want pot roast and mashed turnips, a lot of it. Cookies and pie sound good too. Vicki

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'm definitely the same way. I don't usually have oatmeal for breakfast in the summertime, but with fall here and cold wet weather, I made it for breakfast this morning. On TV yesterday they were talking about the benefits of chocolate and they suggested topping your oatmeal with a sprinkle of cocoa on top of the bananas. It was good! Of course I added a little sugar too!

My only daughter is having her first baby and I'm thinking I'm having sympathy cravings right along with her.

Keep warm and have a great Friday!

madcobug said...

Must be the weather, I have been eating a lot of tomato soup, some with grilled cheese sandwiches. Ken is putting on a crock pot of chili right now. I love your header picture. Helen

Muhd Imran said...

This is one delicious entry!

Margaret said...

I usually put on several pounds in the winter because I want comfort food to make up for the weather! Bad, but normal.


I understand the need to hibernate. Frost and chilly temps make me want to curl up in a ball under my nice warm comforter. My husband and I usually eat oatmeal or eggs in the morning. I guess it wouldn't hurt you to splurge on the fattening stuff every once in a while. I won't tell. LOL But I agree with you about buffets. I don't like going for the reason you cited. Take care. Hang in there.

Nita said...

Have not commented in awhile but had to say that's a beautiful new header picture!
I always put on about 5# as winter approaches. Even if my diet doesn't change.