Monday, October 17, 2011

A ray of sunshine

It's a cloudy day, and chilly.  I can feel winter coming on, which is a little depressing.  Cliff isn't home today, so I don't have the usual meal-preparing schedule to distract me.  I was just feeling a little "droopy", that's all.  No big deal.  
The other day Jessica, my former co-worker from Kohl's, messaged me on Facebook to ask for my address.  She had found something that made her think of me, and she wanted to send it to me.  She warned me not to expect too much, it was just a small thing.  
Jessica, if you recall, was born and raised in Arkansas, and says she pays particular attention when I blog about her home state.  Recently I talked about Dogpatch, which is adjacent to Hub Motorcycle Resort where we camped recently.  I included some Youtube videos about the old theme park, now a ghost town.  
So I went to the mailbox on this dreary day, and there was a package for me.  The timing couldn't have been better.  That girl always did have a way of making me smile.  

Thanks so much, Jessica, for putting a bright spot in my cloudy day.



Is the DOGPATCH piece a paperweight or magnet? The drudgery of life has a way of weighing you down. It's nice when something happens to make your day. Missing Cliff is only temporary, he'll be home before you know it. And then you'll establish a new routine when he goes back to work partime. I feel a chill in the air too. You're right, winter is edging closer.

Anonymous said...

WOW!! I never expected to be famous, but that's a nice perk for sending you the surprise!!! I am so very glad you enjoyed it!! I wish it were in better shape, but I figured it's not something I'll see every day. I owe you lots of smiles for all you bring to me :)

darev2005 said...

Very cool. I'll bet there's not alot of those things left. I've always wanted a Schmoo, myself.

madcobug said...

How neat to get something like that in the mail. I think it's cute. Helen