Monday, October 31, 2011

Another one of my harebrained schemes

If you read through the two posts I did about the prison tour, you already know I gave it five stars and a thumbs-up.  Cliff would agree on this.
What you don't know is that I have whined about wanting to go to Jefferson City for at least two years.  Even before I learned about the prison tour, I wanted to visit the State Capitol building, which I had not entered since I was a teenager.  
Cliff said it was another one of my harebrained schemes, and kept putting me off.  
I purchased our tickets for the prison tour a couple of months ago, choosing the noon tour.  As the day approached, I suggested to Cliff that we leave early and visit the Capitol before we went to take our tour; after all, the old prison is only a block or two away from it.  
It's a two-hour drive to Jeff City from here; we arrived around 9:30 A.M.  I told Cliff that gave us about an hour and forty-five minutes to spend in the Capitol building, because we needed to allow time to eat our picnic lunch in the car, and have a cup of coffee from the thermos.  Honestly, I didn't think it would take more than an hour to walk around and look at whatever was there.  

I didn't know there's a Missouri State Museum inside.  This consists of several different rooms on at least two levels.  We made it through one. single. room.  Cliff found it all so fascinating, he read everything there was to read about each exhibit in that room.  

Now, normally I would have been reading right along with him, but I had to remind him every once in awhile that we had to watch the time.  My thoughts were that I'd never get him back to Jefferson City again, so we should take a quick look through all the rooms and be done with it.  
That didn't happen.  
Am I complaining?  No way, because Cliff only went on this day trip to shut me up; he did not expect to enjoy it himself.  Now he is promising me that we will return, and that we'll spend the whole day, if need be, at the State Museum inside the Capitol.  
It happens often:  I come up with an idea for a destination, he calls it a harebrained scheme, and in the end, he enjoys it even more than I do.  Don't try getting him to admit it, though.  That won't happen.  


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

This visit would have been more my speed than the prison tour for sure. I love visiting places like that with lots of history. Glad Cliff enjoyed it too. Nice you got out while the weather was good. It won't be long now and the weather will be keeping us inside. It's been really chilly at night here already.

Hyperblogal said...

Hairy brains are the most creative.


So many interesting places to explore, close to home. If you're both happy doing it that's an added bonus, Donna. (Since FORCED retirement, I can't drag my husband away from the TV.) The ceiling in the capitol was stunning. Really am enjoying your photos. HAPPY HALLOWEEN. Take care.