Saturday, October 15, 2011

Children of the Plains

So, Cliff and I watched Children of the Plains on 20/20.  It's about the native Americans who live on a reservation in South Dakota, and the problems they face.  
First of all, you have to remember that I LOVE Indians.  I have wanted to BE an Indian all my life, and yes, I still do.  If I were going to dedicate my life to helping any group of people, it would be native Americans... just because I want them to adopt me.  
There are no jobs on the reservation.  80% of adults are alcoholics.  It's pretty much a ghetto.  
My first question was, "Why don't they leave the reservation?"  
The question was answered toward the end of the program.  
So, I'm watching this news show, and I notice that Indians, at some time in their lives, get a name that means something.  
Names like "She Who Stands Strong in the Wind" or "He Who Never Falls".
"I want one of those names," I told Cliff.  
Bad mistake.  
There were so many descriptive names rolling off his tongue, I couldn't keep up.  
None of them were names I'd want.  And no, I won't tell you what they were.  I have my pride.  
Besides, Cliff isn't an Indian.  I want a real native American to give me my name.  
So there.


Margaret said...

I am giggling at what Cliff might have suggested! :) My husband would do the same thing.


I am part Native American on my mother's side of family. Growing up I was told about a tribal headdress being in my grandparents closet, though I never saw it. My daughter leaves tomorrow to work at a hospital on a reservation in Arizona. With her black hair and bronze skin she will fit right in. As far as I'm concerned you can be an honorary member of the tribe.

darev2005 said...

I'll bet that my Indian name would be "Runs into things" or something like that. I got just enough Nez Perce in me to be a potential embarrassment to the tribe.

Michaele said...

Come on Donna - just tell us a few.

Donna said...

Oh no, Michaele. I'm afraid the names he gave me were a little too descriptive; they'd reveal parts of my persona I'd rather keep from the public. Maybe I'll email you just one.

Hyperblogal said...

"Woman Who Likes Aloneness in Small Teepee That Moves."

Nancy said...

What was the answer to why they don't leave the reservation??

small farm girl said...

I watched that 20/20. It was interesting. I'm 1/8 indian on my Mom's side. I was always proud of that.