Thursday, October 27, 2011


My ex-daughter-in-law gave me a coupon for a free dinner at Outback; I was delighted, since that's one of my favorite places to eat.  There were stipulations to the coupon:  It must be used Monday through Thursday, and I had two weeks to use it.  
Today is the last opportunity to get my free dinner, and it doesn't look to me like we'll be getting it.  
Of course, it goes without saying that we'd have to buy one dinner, because Cliff is not going to sit in the car while I eat.  Still, we could choose one of the cheaper meals, drink water, and get by for ten bucks; but then the right thing to do is tip the waiter or waitress for two meals, even though you are only paying for one.  Because they are serving two people.  I doubt we'd get out of there for less than $15, and you can buy a lot of beans, canned or frozen vegetables, and bananas for that amount of money.  
Then there's the fact that Outback doesn't open until 4 P.M.  If we eat out, we like to do so at mid-day.  
Besides, we have a freezer full of meat here at home that my Jersey cow has graciously provided us.

 I made sure my hand was in the picture so you can see the size of the roasts we get from a yearling, half-Jersey steer.  It isn't a lot of meat, but then we are two old folks who don't need a lot of meat.

Here it is in a two-quart pan, ready to cook.  
It's amazing how my attitudes about eating out have changed.  We recently met Cliff's cousin and his wife in Sedalia at Golden Corral.  I was eagerly looking forward to all the choices, especially the fattening desserts, since I don't allow myself to make many calorie-laden desserts these days.  
As I considered what I was eating, I realized there was nothing on my plate that was outstanding in taste.  The meat and vegetables were too salty, and the desserts were mediocre.  When given a choice, I usually choose fruit pie and ice cream:  This pie crust wasn't flaky, there weren't enough spices in the apple filling, and the ice cream wasn't really ice cream... more like ice milk.  
I need to pay more attention to what I am eating when a meal is costing us $25.   
Because I wanted to taste decent apple pie one more time before I die, I made one Sunday.  We each had one 1/8 sized piece of pie each day, and then the grandson happened by and helped himself to a bigger piece.  The pie is gone now, but I can honestly say it was a dessert that was worth the calories and the effort.  
Dang it, I could live on apple pie and ice cream.  
Today it's back to red beans and rice.


I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

I'd probably do the same and eat at home. I rarely eat out and when I do, there are very few times that I hit on something I couldn't have made better myself at home. I love flaky crusts and make good ones, but rarely make a pie anymore. I guess we are spoiled and like what we cook and are used to it too. I love beans and rice by the way. One thing I love about eating out is that there is no cleaning up. That is always nice. Hope your Thursday is a great one!

patsy said...

thanks for the infro, I have taken milk of Mag. but some times it works too good so will try yours.
The funeral biz is all over and I can relax and not have to worry about putting my shoes on to travel any where.
I want to thank you for your words of encouragrement . I am greatful.

Margaret said...

I haven't been that impressed with food out lately too--and I'm sure it's loaded with salt and calories! I'm an apple crisp person, but would probably enjoy your apple pie also. My mom makes a great, flaky crust but I can't do so to save my life!

Lindie said...

I'd rather eat my own cooking these days too. I sometimes eat out at lunch since I am driving around and inspecting houses but then I just go the the dollar menu. I don't drink much soda thses days and always have a bottle of water with me. Yesterday I had a snacker sandwich from KFC.

darev2005 said...

Even though Golden Corral is just mediocre fare, it's better than most of those buffet places out there. We're eating alot of rice and potatoes in our food as well. At least we aren't reduced to cabbage yet. Yuck.

Marlene said...

We just got a Golden Corral here at the jersey Shore and so far its good. We like to go there for breakfast on Sunday.

Anonymous said...

We usually eat at home as well. I have a rule. I will only eat out if they can make something different or better than I can. (As you know, we can always make it cheaper at home!) But that restaurant you went to in Alton seemed worth it! YUM-carrot cake.

I know sometimes when you are traveling you must eat out. Karen

Michaele said...

I do wholeheartedly agree with you about the taste of the food on the buffet. With me, if I am going to consume the calories, it better be worth it. The red beans and rice sounds great.


We used to go to the Golden Corral for senior days, but it was so darned crowded, we stopped. Too many germs floating around. I love OUTBACK too. But they've gotten so expensive, we've said forget it, unless we get a gift card. Eating at home you can wear what you want and have a better selection of menu items to choose from. Nobody can cook better than you do for yourself. On the other hand, cleaning up the kitchen is a real pain in the rear.

Sister--Three said...

Donna, I noticed it was your ex-daughter in you surely must be a nice person...most ex's don't give presents to their mothers-in-law!

Amy said...

What's funny is you said 'apple pie' and I thought 'sounds good' and then I read 'red beans and rice' and thought 'sounds even better!'

Our eating out has been limited to the dollar menu at McDs lately. Oddly enough, for someone who loved going out to eat, I don't really miss it...

Alissa said...

Just FYI they had updated their coupon stipulations that you could use it anyday through 10/31. So if you have the want to go out on can still use the coupon on Monday. We used our coupon last Friday and the service was exceptional. They are really trying to up their customer service lately.