Monday, October 10, 2011


Now, maybe all of you know about this application, but I'm just finding out how great it is.  It's the best way ever to share files with all your computers and devices.
We're going to be seeing a few of Cliff's paternal cousins Saturday, and Cliff was complaining that we never have any pictures to show people because they're all on the computer.  I suggested we put the desired pictures on the Ipad and take it along.  It won't need an Internet connection just to show some pictures.
I have been using Evernote to share files from my computer to my Ipad, and it worked all right.  But after reading about Dropbox, I thought I'd like it better... and I do!
I installed it on my Mac Mini and on the Ipad, then realized that Cliff would love being able to look at some of our pictures on his laptop.  He is going to be so surprised when he finds out all seventy of his tractor project photos are right there on his personal computer.  
Dropbox isn't just for sharing photos, although that's the main thing I'll be doing with it.  Any files can be shared on all devices you own.  
It's free if you don't use more than 2.25 GB's.


Milly said...

We use DropBox at school to share lessons and worksheets. It really is a super-duper app -- and so, so easy to use. I hadn't thought about sharing photos on it -- but, of course, one could. Glad you guys got home safely. M.

Margaret said...

Is it easy? I have Evernote on my tablet but haven't really explored it much. I would love something like this app, as long as it isn't complicated.


Would it work with a XOOM tablet? I think I'll check it out. Sounds great.

darev2005 said...

Pretty cool idea. Thanks for the tip!

Margaret said...

Dumb question--but do I have to load it on every computer that I want it to synch with? I did download it on my tablet, but have no idea what to do next. :)