Thursday, October 20, 2011

China has developed a taste for pecans

With so many factory jobs going overseas to China or India, it's good to know that the United States finally has something to export to these countries:  Pecans.  
Because of this phenomenon, the price of pecans has doubled in the past three years.
"The Chinese began buying pecans in 2004. Consumption skyrocketed three years later, thanks to a global walnut shortage and a record pecan harvest. Since then, consumption has more than doubled."
According to the article, China didn't even have a word for pecan in 1999.  
So if you were planning to buy nuts for your Christmas goodies, you'd better budget some extra money.  I have a couple of young pecan trees; here's hoping they start producing before too long.  

Meanwhile, Harley-Davidson is going to start having their bikes assembled in India.  Oh, and the government is trying to force Gibson Guitar to ship their manufacturing labor overseas.  
Let's all start raising nuts, shall we?  And I'll strum my Gibson Dove and sing a song about occupying Wall Street.


darev2005 said...

I suspect that if I went through my house and threw out everything that wasn't made in the US, the only thing left would be the chair I made. And I'm not sure where the wood and nails came from.

Paula said...

Love my pecans, they are good on most everything. Pretty header.


Just think, when those pecan trees of yours start producing, you'll be able to make some extra money exporting the nuts. That would be a big return on your intial investment, wouldn't it? Would love to hear any song you pen.

Ralph said...

I'll plant a few pecans. It's amazing to me the number of jobs that been sent overseas lately. Was on the verge of buying a new BBQ grill until I heard they were outsourced to China.

Margaret said...

They better not ship all our pecans to China--I love pecans. I can't survive without pecan pie at Thanksgiving!

Michaele said...

LOVE the new header!
Did you know peanut butter is going up 30 -40% due to the drought in Texas?

Leilani Lee said...

One of the journals I work on has been sent to India. Fortunately I am still working on it, but the time difference between the U.S. and India is such that there is maybe a 3 hour window very early in the morning when I can communicate with them "real time." We have a pecan tree that is fairly old and has never produced a nut. I have a bad feeling that we need "boy and girl" trees to make it work and we are missing one.

Hyperblogal said...

I've long said that we should send our nuts to China.