Sunday, October 09, 2011

Wrapping up our Arkansas adventure

Some of you are curious about some of the pictures in the previous entry, and I do intend to tell you all about them.  First, let me get everybody up-to-date on our ramblings.  
When we traveled to Arkansas, we took Highway 65.  It isn't the quickest way, but it's scenic.  When we first set out on a road trip, we are all about "scenic", and not at all worried about speed of getting someplace.  Once we set our faces toward home, however, we are usually road-weary.  There's just something about "heading home" that makes you want to get there as fast as possible.  So we took Highway 13 on our return trip; that highway has been updated and modernized so that we can really cook, as Cliff says.  
That's the mascot at Hub resort, sitting high and dry outside the office.   

 This is the bathroom available to us (when not using our travel toilet).  We used our own towels, since our $10 nightly hardly paid for laundry.   It's in a motel room that's being used for storage, but it was spotlessly clean.

 I took this shot just before we started taking down the tent and packing to go home.  
On the road toward home, I got a little hungry, and said to Cliff, "Hey, let's stop at that cheese place and eat some samples!"

 As you can tell, I was happy to be in a spot where you can get free samples.

 Don't we look all "tourist-y"?

There's always a crowd here because so many people use Highway 13 as a destination to various lakes:  Truman, Pomme De TerreLake Taneycomo, Table Rock, and all the Branson area.  There are countless flavors of cheese; my personal flavor this time was cool ranch.  All you do is grab a toothpick and help yourself to bite-size pieces of cheese.  Believe me, you can fill your belly with cheese at this place just hitting the hundreds of samples.  No, we did not make a purchase.  I wanted to, but my grocery envelope is looking pretty lean.  

We almost ran out of gas before we reached Sedalia; the tank only holds 5 1/2 gallons.  I think all that cheese affected our brains, and we forgot to watch the gauge.  
I'll try not to wait too long to tell you about those pictures you are curious about.


Forty Pound Sack said...

My mom has made many a meal from free samples, LOL! She taught us kids all the tricks at an early age ~

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Over the weekend I got my share of cheese sampling in too. However I blew the budget and bought a couple of them to bring home. I couldn't resist as it was so good. Sounds to me like you enjoyed your trip!