Monday, November 05, 2007

Our latest motorcycle

Do you think Cliff and I are experiencing a mid-life crisis? Is that the reason we keep buying different Gold Wings? Here's our latest acquisition:
(Click on the picture to see our bike in more detail.)

That's Cliff's sister and her husband, our best biker buddies (even though they have a Harley).

Cliff took this picture especially for an Internet buddy named Jerry who said he had trouble picturing me in chaps. What this picture doesn't show is that I was limping along, hardly able to walk, because my right knee is a mess, especially after being on the motorcycle for half a day.

Yep, this whole thing is definitely post-midlife crisis!
Sure is fun, though.

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Midlife Mom said...

Woohoo! You look great in chaps! The only ones I wear are for riding horses, should've had 'em on the day I took my fall! Also my helmet!

Your last post about Cliff made me feel so sad. What a hard way to grow up feeling so hopeless and without dreams. I am so thankful for my parents who made me feel special and helped me attain my dreams, one of them was to have a horse and I know Dad couldn't afford it at the time but he made it work and we came home with a nice grade mare that looked like a small pony sized morgan. I'm glad you and Cliff have your motorcycle and have fun with it. You both deserve it!!! You've worked hard and you should have some fun!!

Toni in the midst said...

If I looked as great as you do in Chaps, I'd have a midlife crisis too. ;)
p.s. love the motorcycle. Be careful though, k? I know you are. It's just the protective mama in me.

Celeste said...

The chaps look good. I see he just has to take a picture of your rear! (must find it is cute)

Chiquita Banana said...

Great rear view, Mosie. :o)

Looks like you can still wear the 'shirts'.