Friday, November 23, 2007

Morning person? You bet!

Anyone who has ever shared quarters with me for as much as twenty-four hours knows that I awake ridiculously early in the morning; some would even call it the middle of the night. Whether it's from my years of milking cows or just some inner programming, I don't know. It isn't what I'd choose, I assure you; but I'm stuck with it.

All it really takes for me to be content if I'm visiting someone is access to a computer at 4 A.M., rights to the coffeepot, and a space where I can turn on a light without disturbing anybody else. With all that, life is good. Here at my son's house, I have those things. These days I even supply my own computer.

Cliff and Jim have fine-tuned a couple of things on our motorcycle during our stay. Jim fixed us up with XM radio in the car and GPS in the car or on the motorcycle.

On the way down, we used a Magellen GPS we borrowed from Sadie's Unkie Phil (haaaaaaaaaa!!). We liked it so much, I found a Garmin at Circuit City for what I considered a good price;I ordered it online, and we picked it up an hour later.

Yesterday morning I decided to do some research on our particular Garmin and found it for almost $100 cheaper! Well folks, Circuit City has a thirty-day guarantee concerning prices: if you make a purchase from them and then find the same item cheaper within thirty days, they'll make up the difference.

Here's hoping they honor that.


Astaryth said...

If the price was a 'Black Friday' price, they won't honor the deal of giving you the difference in price. How do I know? Because I bought my little MP3 player for what I thought a great price ($59)at Best Buy (who also do that) and saw it on sale for almost $20 cheaper in Best Buy's Black Friday circular online. I happened to be in Best Buy on Wed and asked what I needed to bring to get the cost difference and they said, "Oh, We don't do that on those items" Still, good luck! I'm all for getting money back LOL!

Stacey said...

4 am? What is this 4 am? I didn't even know it existed! I'm fascinated, lol. Hope you found your computer and your coffee...enjoy your visit!

BarnGoddess said...

I am an early riser too. But 4 am is still early for me!

I like the 5 am hour, I can get a lot done before the rest of my family wakes up.....

Im glad your enjoying your trip!

CountryDew said...

I salute morning people. They seem to get a lot accomplished, although they always look kind of tired to me. I hope you're enjoying your stay.