Monday, June 11, 2007

Very sad, very scary

In an entry done Saturday, I told about a wreck we encountered, coming home from our motorcycle ride. I cropped one of the pictures to use in this entry.

When anything of interest in my community happens, I e-mail my friend Tracy. She knows everybody and has lots of sources of information, and usually can give me details I lack.

So I emailed her last night and asked if she had any information about a wreck on 131 highway.

Here's her answer:

"And the wreck.....Some couple from Odessa I think...She was killed. New bike and new riders. I heard that if she would have stayed on the bike with him and rode it down (not sure of the motorcycle talk) then she might not have been killed. She broke her neck on a tree or something. That is the hear say around."

So obviously, what you see here is the driver of the motorcycle, grief-stricken, being comforted by someone.

You can click on the picture and make it larger.

As I said, it's a scary and sad thing.

Thanks Tracy, for being the gold mine of information you truly are.


BarnGoddess said...

omg, how awful!

and very scary.

how awful for the man.

The other day I saw a cool looking 3 wheeled 'trike' motorcycle. It was a newer one and looked like it was fun to ride on, it was decent sized too. The couple on it were obviously traveling because they had Texas plates.

Phelan said...

It's always sad to see. I lost two good friends last season because of 4 wheels. If you don't know what that means, not sure if the "don't know bike talk" was you or Tracy, but it means she jumped. I have been on bikes all my life, you never jump, you always go down with the bike.

Last weekend a friend of mine and his ol'lady slipped on sand and laid down. She was fine, the bike punctured his leg. He will be ok, has a soft cast on. They are getting married this weekend at the Sparks rally, we will be riding down their for it. Seeing and hearing about recks always makes me a little nervous. But, knock on wood, my husband {who I do call ol'man} has never been in a wreck. I trust him.

Donna said...

phelan, it was Tracy who said she didn't know bike talk. I copied and pasted directly from her email. I'm always a little nervous when riding, but lately with my son's broken leg (from a motorcycle) and after seeing that wreck, I'm a bit more nervous than usual. Still, as long as my husband finds so much joy in riding, I'm going along with a prayer on my lips and a song in my heart.

Barngoddess, I've seen lots of Gold Wings like ours made into three-wheelers. Honda doesn't sell them that way, it's a custom thing. I'd feel much safer on 3 wheels and would love to have ours customized.

Midlife Mom said...

Oh that is so tragic! My heart goes out to the family of this person. I'm sure Cliff is a good safe driver and not going faster then he should, speed is usually the culprit in these accidents I bet.

Anonymous said...

Accidents are always so tragic.

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Munchkin, Missy and Monte said...

It is sad to lose a loved one, even moreso when it is like that.

Celeste said...

Always ride the bike down. It is more dangerous if you are off the bike than on it. Your Gold Wing has safty bars on it(as does our bike) so that if it lays down there is some protection, like a roll bar on a jeep. Just a very horrible reminder to ALWAYS practic DEFENSIVE biking.