Wednesday, June 13, 2007

about my previous post for Wordless Wednesday

Neither of the animals in that WW post are here now. Mandy, a mongrel puppy I took in and loved as though she were my own child, was hit by a car and died.

Brat, the Arabian horse, just didn't work out for us. He hurt me, really badly.
Less than one minute after this picture was taken, Brat reared up and fell over on me, resulting in the biggest bruise I ever had in my life. He was very spirited, and a head-tosser. I'm no horse-trainer, and I shouldn't have been trying to ride him.

As we all know we're supposed to do, I got back on Brat for one final picture. That's the neighbor girl, Anna, riding my Blue.
Anyway, while Brat lived here, Mandy would run out to where he was and bark, and then the chase was on. They both enjoyed the game, and I'm so glad I caught pictures once... even though the digital camera I used back then left something to be desired. All this happened two years ago.


TorAa said...

oh-oh , this was really hard.
Nevertheless, a great WW entry

toni said...

Why, Ms. Donna! That is a SERIOUS bruise. You should pay careful attention to any circulation problems while that heals. Goodness, I'm glad you're otherwise okay. Love the horse pics, btw.

Linda said...

That´s sad to hear. I hope you healed well.

I´m not sure my comment came through yesterday where I said it was a nice picture!

nerves05 said...

I have heard those kinds of horses are very spirited too. They are bred to run so know i see why he wanted to play. That is just the neatest thing. But that bruse looked terriable. Your lucky it didn't cause you to have a blood clot in your leg. I believe i would have gotten rid of him to.
Take care :-)

Stacie said...

OMG that bruise!

Buffy said...

I didnt know people could bruise like that.

Donna said...

Well Buffy, you try having an 800-pound horse fall backwards on you, full force. You'll discover many new ways and places to bruise. It's amazing my leg didn't break. I was very fortunate (as my doctor kept pointing out) that I wasn't hurt much worse.

Midlife Mom said...

Oh my! I have NEVER seen a bruise like that! You were VERY fortunate to have escaped broken bones with that one! I've never had that happen to me and I don't want it to EVER. Have had a few mishaps but not anything like that. I am still fighting the laminitis with Buddy. I take him back to the vet on Wednesday so hope there is some improvement. Emotionally I am drained as I am so afraid he won't come out of this but like my Mom told me we can't have them forever. :o(