Thursday, June 07, 2007

I rode yesterday

I always carry two things with me when I go for a horseback ride: My cell phone and my digital camera. I may go for a week without finding anything new or unique to take pictures of, but I'm armed and ready.

I was about three miles from home yesterday when I stopped to ask a farmer if he knew where we could buy straw (for less than the $5 per bale many people are asking). After he told me about a couple places, I turned Blue toward the road to head home; his wife said, "Why don't you ride over there by the barn? We have some miniature horses over there; one colt was just born this morning."

I wish I'd taken a still shot or two, because I know people with dial-up can't always watch the videos. But here it is, for those of you who can see it:


nerves05 said...

They are just adoriable.
and blue's little ears are so cute all perky and alert.
I Love horses.
Take care ;-)

Mike M said...

Great blog!!


The Guy Who Writes This said...

Beautiful tri-color mini there. It looks like they've never seen a full sized horse before.

Stacey said...

They are so precious--and I love how the white one sticks around--he's the curious one who knows no fear. Oh how fun to own a horse...every girl dreams of one! ~Stacey

Girl Gone Wild said...

Came by way of Stacey (above)...I loved the video. My sister in law has got me hooked on We're always watching mini's (donkeys, etc) being birthed. It's incredible.

I was looking at your pictures below...beautiful. There's nothing like a Missouri sky.

Janet said...

Oh, they are just so adorable! Love the brave white one, then the other whitish one who stands way in the back LOL!

Rachel said...

This was awesome! Don't you think we need a couple mini's? I'll bat my eyes at Daddy and say "please?" if you think it would help!

Robbie said...

Thanks for sharing! I don't get the mini-horse thing but they sure are cute and how they interacted with Blue a full-sized horse was interesting too.