Friday, June 22, 2007

Seen on today's ride

When I woke up at 4 AM, I greatly rejoiced, because I had time to drink some coffee and be on my horse while it was still cool.

Riding on back roads, something caught my eye, so I rode closer to inspect it and get a picture.

Ah. It's a bug trap set out by the USDA.

These four look-alike farm dogs tried to scare Blue, but he isn't too worried about dogs.

If you click on this picture to make it larger, you'll see a tombstone or two in the distance. I just discovered this cemetery last fall. It isn't far off the highway, but it's back in the middle of a soybean (this year) field.
We're getting closer.

It's a very old graveyard, but there are some recent graves there too.

See the traffic on the highway in the distance? That's how close the cemetery is to a thoroughfare. And yet I rode near it many times without knowing of its existance.

Blue and I stopped to say good morning to these miniature horses and their babies.

I was only about twenty minutes from home when I took this picture of farmer John's hayfield.

Finally home again, I saw the granddaughters off to summer school.

At 10:30, Cliff and I were on the motorcycle going after tractor parts some sixty miles away. I kept going to sleep during the ride.

A good day, even with the heat.


Chiquita Banana said...

ARGHHHH!!!! You didn't have to tell me you were snoozing on the Gold Wing.

Robbie said...

It looks like a beautiful day. Thanks for taking us along. :-)

Midlife Mom said...

You have such great places to ride!! I rode this morning with traffic zooming by at 50 mile per hour until we could get off the road onto a trail. Good thing Lil' Bud isn't afraid of trucks and cars. He was afraid of a new swing set at a house we go by! Goof ball!! LOVE the miniature horses, would like to have one some day.