Thursday, June 14, 2007

Sadie and Annie

Sadie, the black-and-white dog, is the very hyperactive creature we adopted 18 months ago from a shelter. Because she insists on running away when turned loose, she's had to be kept either in the house or on a tie-out ever since we got her. She's so in-your-face, jumping all over other mutts to greet them, that most dogs won't come near enough to play with her.

Recently someone dumped a mongrel in the neighborhood that has, for the most part, taken up residence here. She isn't afraid to play with Sadie. We call her Annie, as in "little orphan".

In the above picture, Annie has something Sadie wants. I wonder what it is?

Now they're playing tug-of-war....

with a squished, dead, dried-up, old toad!


Chiquita Banana said...

It's times like this that I absolutely adore your journal. Those two dogs are priceless and so are the pics.

You always bring a smile to my face.



Midlife Mom said...

Yuuuummmmm a dried up toad. Probably a delicacy somewhere!