Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Amish of Jamesport

Cliff and I recently went to Jamesport, a town about 100 miles from here. That's me sitting on the porch of the oldest house in town; a lady has set up sort of a museum/information-station there. We watched a 45-minute DVD telling about the "plain people".

One thing we learned was that all Amish teenagers are set free at a certain age to do as they please. They are given an older, used buggy and a horse, and are allowed to party in any way they see fit. According to the mini-movie we saw, they're liable to be seen with boom-boxes in their buggies blasting out hard rock music. They can drink and smoke. I suppose they can watch TV, if they can find one to watch somewhere.

The amazing thing is that 98% of them return to the fold to live out their lives in the same simple way their parents did.

Here's the question Cliff and I had: Do many of the girls end up getting pregnant? It seems like they'd all be with child when they returned home after living the wild life.


Midlife Mom said...

Very interesting. I had never heard of them letting the young people go and see what the world is all about. That's quite a percentage to go back isn't it? I thought they were shunned if they didn't live the plain life but all's I know is what I see in the movies. I'm trying to think of the movie that was so good but DUH the ole' brain is on pause for the moment.

Celeste said...

THe teenagers have a choice to make during that time. Live like the rest of the world and be shunned by family and community or come home