Monday, June 18, 2007

All for a view (and other reasons)

In two years, God willing, we're going to have several bills paid off at once. At that time, hopefully, we'll abandon this old two-story house and buy a mobile home, back of where our barn now sits. We'll likely buy a nice repo, because they depreciate so fast, we can get one at one-third the cost of a new one. We will have a basement beneath it.

It's hard for people to understand why anyone would choose a flimsy mobile home over a sturdy old house like ours. Because looking from the outside, you can't see the problems existing within these old walls.
Cracks in the basement walls where water comes pouring in if it rains hard. Old wiring that won't let you use two energy-sapping appliances at once. No air conditioning. Hard water from the well that gunks up ice-makers and coffeepots. Only one closet. A living room that barely has room for five people to sit comfortably. I could go on, but you get the picture. Not to mention that the older we get, the more we dislike going up stairs, and we seldom do. I'm sure it would be cheaper to build a new house than to try and remodel this one.

Check out the terrible views from my house.
Looking east, you see the decrepit old trailer we originally brought here for my parents, who are long gone to their reward. We rent it out now for $275 a month, with the stipulation that if anything needs fixing, the renters fix it themselves. They have four cars sitting around; they only use two of them regularly. In two years, this eyesore of a mobile home goes to the dump. If the county will let us leave our old house standing, the renters will have the option of moving into this two-story house (if they are still living here at all). I do hope they get rid of a couple of cars before then, though.

Imagine the shed in this picture gone... also the fence and gate... and you are looking at our future view to the east.

This is my present view to the north. Neither Cliff nor I thought about the fact that we were blocking our view, when we had his shop built. The barn you see on the right in the background will be torn down in a couple of years because we're putting our mobile home just behind where it sits.

This will be the view to the north (sans fence) if our plans come to fruition. Big improvement, eh?

Here's what I see looking out my kitchen window toward the west, as I wash dishes. It's neighbor Marvin's junk yard.

This will be my view to the west when we've moved. We'll probably move that shed. Behind it you can see the new house neighbor Marvin is building.

We'll hook up to rural water when all of this comes to pass, and only use our well for outside purposes.

I can't wait.


alphawoman said...

When I began looking for a new home I was first focused on older homes, because they have so much more personality. But, I realize my husband is not a handy man and that they are money pits. Your dreams sound wonderful.

Midlife Mom said...

Wow! you have lots of great plans ahead of you. I would keep the porch swing though, that is one thing I insisted on at this house was what I call my Walton's swing. My grand kids love it when they are over here. Am still fighting the laminitis battle, don't know if we will win this one or not but I keep trying HARD!

Stacey said...

Goodness, all those plans have my head spinning! I completely understand the why's. It should be very fun watching your plans come to fruition. xo

BarnGoddess said...

I understand 100% and then some!

We lived in an older sandstone house on 10 acres. It was paid off but the house needed so much work and remodeling it would have cost $40,000 to get it up to date. It was also only a 2 bedroom, with SMALL bedrooms.

So when our new house (a homesteaded doublewide) and the 30 acres it is on came up for sale, I convinced hubs it was worth it to get a mortgage from our bank, buy this place and sell our old one.

It was the BEST decision and moved we ever did!

but, your house looks so quaint and homey....

Tracey said...

I'm with ya on the move, Donna! I'd like to do the same thing, only I want an entirely different piece of property along with my mobile...a paid off mobile, to be precise. Alas...City Boy hasn't got the same goals.

Rachel said...

I want to cry, but you know me. I cried for Allis. I'm glad you guys will be happy.