Saturday, June 16, 2007

My morning ride

I ride early, now that summer temperatures are upon us. Wouldn't you know, the horses were at one of the furthest reaches of our place.

I rode to Napoleon and took pictures of the Missouri River from the elevator property there.

This was around 6:30 AM.

That's the G&S store in Napoleon. When we moved out here in the 70's, it was run by a fellow named Manuel. They kept a few groceries, and had lunch meat you could have sliced to order, many varieties: liver loaf, olive loaf, my favorite one, Iowa loaf. In spring they had bulk garden seeds, and I always bought my seeds there. The place had an "old-time, country store" flavor. Other people bought it and tried to keep it going, but after a few years they had to close for lack of business. It's sad to see it sitting empty now.

I was back home before 8, and found Cliff out in the shop already; the newest dog, Annie, woke him up whining after me when I left. I have to tie her up or she'll follow me onto the highway.

Good thing Cliff went to bed at 10 last night!


Midlife Mom said...

Nice to ride early like that before it get s too hot. We rode today, I had to ride one of the stable horses as Buddy is still not good. It seemed funny to be on another horse and I didn't feel comfortable at all even though it was a good ride. I'm just so used to the way Buddy moves that we are almost one so this was different to be on this other horse. At least I got to ride with my friends and we went to the river and let the guys play in it a little pawing the water and getting us all wet!

toni said...

Beautiful photos and nostalgia as well. I would love to be up early and riding with you. You live a good life, Ms.Donna.