Saturday, June 02, 2007


I've blogged about Sitemeter before, and how much I love, love, love it. I click on it and get all kinds of fascinating information about you, my readers. Not to mention a little mis-information. Locations, for instance.

My daughter and I use Sprint DSL. We're nowhere near Brinktown, Missouri... but that's how we come up on Sitemeter. Oh well, at least it's the right state.

I have a very regular reader (thanks for being interested, whoever you are) whose location is shown as Surrey, Prince Edward Island. Other places mentioned are Elyra, Ohio; Fort Worth, Texas; Plano, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; Hendersonville, Tennessee, and Avon, Indiana.

Of course, many of these folks stumbled in here by way of Google; most of those don't stay long. And I can see that many of my regular readers arrive here after reading my AOL journal.

It's so interesting to see a little information about you folks. By the way, if you click on sitemeter, there on the right, you can see all the information for yourself.

So this morning I was looking at locations of recent readers and saw I had a visitor last night who is located at Rocky Mount, Missouri. He or she arrived here after reading my AOL journal. They stayed almost twenty minutes.

There's a former pastor of mine and his wife who live in that town of less than 1,600. Do you suppose they've stumbled onto my journal??? I know they have Internet.

Pastor? Faith? Are you out there? Hellooooooo!!!! If it's you, I miss you and love you both! Nobody inspires me to write sermon-poems any more.


BarnGoddess said...

sitemeters rock!

its nice to know others are reading, even if they are lurking and never comment-I have many of those.

Im just glad they are stopping by to read, I like comments but I like the fact that someone is reading what I have to blab about on a regular basis.

omg, I so badly need more adult or equine interaction other than my computer.

My kids are slowly driving me to the edge!!!

The Guy Who Writes This said...

Hey Donna, My wife and I are in Seattle and we just bought a 7yo bay, Missouri Fox Trotter. We are bringing her homt to Oregon in the morning.

Donna said...

Hey, Guy... I hope your experience with those Missouri Foxtrotters is as good as mine: I've had seven horses (I think) in my life. Three have been Foxtrotters, and they have all been angels, so far. Oh, and I LOVE bay horses. I'd like to see a picture of your new horse!

Patois said...

Donna, I found you via Melanie. Your post is so right on. I try to imagine who the heck some of the people are based on their locale and what they're searching for. (Mostly love in all the wrong places.)