Tuesday, July 06, 2021

Don't count on the vaccine to save you

I follow John Pavlovitz on Facebook.  I didn't actually ask to follow him, but I read so many of his articles that Facebook apparently decided I needed to become a follower.  He's further to the left politically than I am, but I do like his messages of peace, hope, and love.  

I hate having to copy and paste his words here:  I'd rather link straight to him, but it's on Facebook, and not everybody has that.  The following story is in his own words, exactly as he told it.

Hello Friends.
Two weeks ago, we took a family trip.
Three-quarters of us had been fully vaccinated, with the exception being our 11-year old. We'd been super diligent for a year and half and were hopeful we could finally begin doing some normal things, and left for our first family vacation since lockdown began. We were being as careful as we could, but as vaccinated adults it's easy to let your guard down and to generally be less attentive than you had been regarding masks and sanitizing and distancing.
A few days into the trip our daughter started complaining about headaches, which we attributed to the heat. The next day, she began to get congestion and said her throat was sore. We took her to the local clinic and received her positive results. We immediately began lockdown.
A couple of days later, my wife started feeling sick and we were stunned to get a positive test for her, as she's been vaccinated since April.
I had two negative tests earlier in the week but began feeling much worse over the weekend, and today both me and our son tested positive. Thankfully, he is asymptomatic so far.
So, amazingly we are four for four with COVID here in the Pavlovitz house, with three fully vaccinated people testing positive for the virus... insane.
The doctor who gave me my results said that this Delta variant is frightening and unpredictable. She has been alarmed by how quickly it has spread, and also by how many people are still avoiding the vaccine.
I'm hopefully in the worst of it now: congestion, headache, body aches, cough, fatigue, etc. Lost my sense of taste and smell, but overall it feels like a bad case of bronchitis. I shudder to think how bad it might have been had we not been vaccinated.
Friends, please get vaccinated if you haven't. It's the only way we're going to get the edge on these dangerous variants and it will keep you from the worst symptoms and very likely save your life.
And please consider still masking after getting your vaccine. We're simply not out of this yet, and we need to take care of ourselves and one another.
I'll be down for a few days, so feel free to read some old blog posts or order something from the shop. I'll write and post here as I feel well enough.
Thanks everyone!
You are loved.

What can I say? Cliff and I received the Pfizer vaccine, both doses, but I'm just wondering how careful we ought to be. The hospitals in Springfield, Missouri, are overloaded and are sending some Covid patients to Kansas City.

I'm feeling like the pandemic is far from over.


  1. Yep! This doesn't surprise me at all. The World Health Organization made a plea with people week before last.... even though you're vaccinated, please wear your mask out in public. I'm surprised this person you're quoting thought it was safe to take an unmasked vacation!!! Our oldest daughter, her husband, and our 12yo granddaughter are all vaccinated... but the 10yo is not approved yet, for the vaccination. They went to an overnight soccer tournament a few weeks ago and our oldest daughter stayed in the motel room with their youngest because daughter didn't think it was safe for her to be in a crowd, even with a mask on. The Delta variant does not produce the same symptoms as the original virus. There is usually no loss of smell or taste with Delta... and the top symptom is headache, along with runny nose and sneezing. Very typical cold symptoms. I heard one researcher say that Delta is going to seek out those who are not vaccinated and "get them". **shiver** We're all vaccinated in this household but we still wear masks out in public. We made a couple trips out without masks, after fully vaccinated, but it just felt weird so we're masking up again. I agree with you, Donna... I believe this thing is FAR from over! Thank you for posting this. ~Andrea xoxoxo

  2. I am still wearing my mask when I'm out and about. I can't seem to give it up. And it sound like a good thing. At least the ovoid is not as bad for those that have been vaccinated and that's a good thing. Keeping diligent and getting vaccinated will so have this virus on the run.

  3. No, we are not out of the pandemic yet. As long as there are those non-vaccine folks on the loose, we are still very much in the line of fire. Just last week a man chose to sneer at me for insisting that he put a mask on in my store. His highly uninformed opinion was that I should not care since I was have been vaccinated and can't "get it". The other pandemic in this country is apathy and the willingness to blindly follow others without bothering to seek out information needed to make an informed decision.

  4. I still wear my mask and avoid inside crowds. I am high risk and just can't take any chances. Oh how I wish everyone would get vaccinated so these variants wouldn't have a place to grow and mutate.

  5. I still wear my mask in public and limit my get togethers to vaccinated people, but it's SO easy to get this delta variant from what I've heard. The Pfizer (which I also got) is supposed to be 60% or so effective against Delta. Not the best odds but better than 0%.

  6. In AR since everything opened up 99 percent of those who have been hospitalized aren’t vaccinated.
    Guess your odds are 99 to 1. I’d bet on the shot. With the Johnson vaccine one can still catch the virus, but you will not get very ill. Bet they had the Johnson vaccine.

  7. I had the Modema vaccination. I hope I am safe. This Delta variant is scary.

  8. I had Moderna,too, Margie.


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