Monday, July 05, 2021

Checking in

I've been busy cooking, gardening, and resting.  Yes, at this age I rest a lot.  I can't believe how tired I get sometimes doing the simplest things.  

We had a big Fourth of July celebration on Saturday, the third.  I took pictures of babies and other partiers that day, but I have misplaced the dongle I use to upload pictures to my Mac, so I will wait until my new dongle arrives to share those pictures (dongle is a silly-sounding word, isn't it?  Almost naughty-sounding... or maybe my mind takes the wrong road sometimes).  The picture above is me on my Missouri Foxtrotter, Boogie Midnight Rhythm Blue, in 2007.  Longtime readers will recall my many long rides with Blue.

Cliff, our son, and Arick, the resident grandson on the place, got one of my husband's two recently purchased tractors in good shape to use or sell yesterday... the 1650 Oliver.  Cliff has owned several Olivers through the years.  This one was in better shape than most of the others were when he bought them; it has very few small dents and excellent tires.  Trust me, that's rare on these old tractors.  Those big tires do not come cheap!  The fuel tank wasn't on it when he brought it home, but that was no problem except for the fact that it had to be cleaned out; Cliff took it somewhere to get that job done.  Usually when our son visits each July, there's some projects the three of them can work on together; since this one is done, they have started on my favorite, the big White tractor.  

I took a notion the other day to get some June-bearing strawberry plants.  Greenhouses and such don't sell plants this time of year, as far as I know, but there were several sellers on Ebay.  I ordered 25 plants and have been tilling up a spot for them little by little.  At this time of year I will have to water them a few times, but it will be worth it next spring when the you-pick places are asking $5 for a pint even though you are doing the picking yourself.  I will laugh myself to the kitchen, take a couple of Tylenols, and rejoice.

I've heard many people all around me talk about the racoons getting their corn, but I've never had it happen until now.  The corn isn't quite ready, but I found an ear at the end of the garden with the husks pushed back and the tiny kernels chewed on.  From what I've heard from others, I imagine that's the end of my sweet corn; time will tell.  

This year stayed cool for so long, the tomatoes are slow to ripen.  I've eaten about three cherry tomatoes; that's it!

I'll be back to share pictures and stories of our very noisy celebration on Tuesday or Wednesday, I hope.  I hope all my friends online had a great Independence Day.




  1. That's a mighty beautiful picture of you, Donna, on that horse! Can't wait to see your pictures of your July 3rd celebration... after your dongle arrives. :-D *heh* ~Andrea xoxoxo

  2. So glad you are doing well. Astrid and Logan got a second horse. I love having them in the Meadow by my house. One is a bay and one a pinto.

  3. You sure "dongle" isn't naughty? Might have to Google that:)
    Seeing you on that fine horse made me have a moment of sadness as I missed my Jesse (quarter horse). Not sure I could even ride today. I too need need more time resting these days.

  4. I have always thought that about dongle too. The first time the term was used at a staff meeting, I giggled. It sounds like you had a great celebration; mine was much more low-key although the noise and explosions were deafening on the 3rd and 4th.

    1. You would not have wanted to live next door to us July 3rd.

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