Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Teenagers do crazy things

There was a period of almost a year that our oldest grandson, needing a place to stay, lived at our house.  Actually, it would be more accurate to say he slept at our house, because I saw very little of the boy.  I think he was still a teenager in 2007... I'm the lousy grandmother who doesn't know when each child's birthday is, or how old they are.  But I digress.

Even back then I was usually awake by four in the morning, and when I walked in the living room, there was the kid, stretched out on the couch, but wide awake.  I know this because he said, "Hi, Grandma."  His next question was this:  "What time does Grandpa wake up?"

"What's happened now?" I asked.

He proceeded to explain how he and some friends had been down at the river bottom, checking to see how deep the mud was, and he'd gotten his truck stuck.  I should tell you, "stuck" wasn't the word for it; buried would have been the more appropriate word.  But it's been worth it, because I have pictures.  I love tormenting the grandson by showing pictures of this experience to everybody on the Internet.  Because Cliff worked second shift, I let him sleep for a couple more hours, then broke the news to him.  

One picture says a thousand words, so I'll shut up and let the pictures tell the story.  We can thank my husband for these pictures, by the way.  Back then I hardly ever missed a day of posting an entry to my blog, and I knew this would make a great entry, but I had a cow to milk.  So I handed him my camera and bade him and the kid a hearty "Good luck!"

Cliff climbed on this big old beast he'd been working on.  I thought it was the ugliest tractor he'd ever owned, so I named it "Big Ugly".  It was a David Brown tractor, made in England.

Does this look stuck?

This is Big Ugly heading home with the grandson's pickup towed behind.


Sister--Three said...

That old rig could still “get ‘er done”!

I'm mostly known as 'MA' said...

Glad Ciff was there to rescue him. That wa a lot of mud !

Margaret said...

That is a LOT of mud! Glad it could be rescued. I've seen not-teenagers do the same thing, and they are always men. :) said...

Tractor got him out. Poor truck! When I was in Mexico, I got stuck right in front of a huge swap meet. My friend and I didn’t know what to do. I slogged over to buy a rope from a vendor and noticed that all the men were laughing. Standing in thigh-high mud I tried to tie the rope to the frame. Finally, one of the laughers came over with a big chain and pulled us out with his truck. I can laugh now looking back.

Margie's Musings said...

Sometimes teenagers sure do do stupid things. I raised three and they turned out to be productive adults. I wasn't too sure when the youngest one was a teenager. But it all worked out and he is fine now. Of course this fall he will be 60 years old too.:)

The Feminine Energy said...

Oh lordy!!!!!! No words suffice!!! *haha* Glad these are old pictures, for sure. Love, Andrea xoxo

Leilani Schuck Weatherington said...

It's not just teenagers who do this. The first winter we were here, and not having any experience with snow, my husband buried our car in the snow (and mud underneath the snow) up the frame. It took a while for him to dig it out.